North Sails 3Di Race
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North Sails launches a new material for racing sails, specifically designed for boats between 20 and 40 feet. It’s called 3Di Race and it takes patented technology tested by the most competitive sailing programs in the world involving IMOCA vessels, ocean multihulls and maxi yachts. The first model was launched by North Sails at America’s Cup in 2007.

3Di Race is conceived for all those who already have laminated or panel sails and look for something more resistant.


North Sails lancia 3Di RACE Performance ottimizzate e durata nel
3Di Race was optimised by North Sails for boats below 40 feets

Ken Read, president of North Sails explains: “3Di Race was developed on the technology which enabled our “heroes” to win the most important sailing competitions in the world. Race uses our 3Di technology – tested on the most competitive races in the world – and translates it into the best solution for daily regattas. High performance, duration and excellent quality are guaranteed”.

Sails adapt to a larger wind range than a normal string sail, which means a smaller and more efficient investment. The structure and weight of this composite material are exclusive and they offer an excellent stability, perfectly combined with softness, lightness and simple handling.

“The particular structure – declares Sam Richmond, manager of Club Race department – makes this sail easy to regulate, lighter and more stable”

North Sails lancia 3Di RACE Performance ottimizzate e durata nel
3Di Race sais can be black or gold

What 3Di sails are

3Di is a patented technology which allows to produce very performing sails. 3Di sails can support strains and loads without compromising their shape stability. 3d is a flexible composite membrane built from pre-impregnated spread filament tapes applied in multiple axes and thermo-formed on a 3D (3DL) mold. This allows sails to approach the balanced loadbearing and shapeholding of a rigid airfoil.

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