Nuova Jolly at FLIBS
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In USA, culture of ribs is very different compared to the European one. Entering this market and coming into line with the American concept of rubber boats is not easy, as Teo Aiello (Nuova Jolly) explained us at Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. Nuova Jolly had already landed in Florida some years ago but, this year, its presence is strengthened by the partnership with InterMarine, Miami (in the picture above, Teo Aiello and Mike Thorpe).

This is a return for us in USA. From 1999 and 2001 we had already started to create a sales network but then, the attack on the Twin Towers and the subsequent international crisis made things more difficult…”

Now, however, you’ve come back..

Time is ripe now and this year we’ve managed to strengthen our partnership with a serious and prestigious dealer in Florida, InterMarine.

Why was it so difficult to find a reliable partner here?

A dealer must represent your company, your philosophy and tradition in another country. If you want to achieve some good results, finding the right reality is difficult and requires a long time”.

Especially here, where the concept of ribs is completely different from ours…

” Right. Here, it’s the land of the so-called “Center Consolles”, which are beautiful marine boats. Until a few years ago, ribs were considered like tenders. When we landed here in 1999, they were seen as tenders. Now, things are getting different and this is why we’ve decided to invest our force in this direction. Now, ribs start to be lived as real boats. American market lives on great numbers, penetrating it is absolutely strategic, especially this moment”.

nuova jolly marine prince 25 Fort Lauderdale Boat ShowWhat’s your feedback in the light of FLIBS?
Customers, of course, immediately make a direct comparison with the boats they’re used to see here and they understand that our vessels can be a real alternative”

Which ribs have you brought in Florida?

“ We wanted to propose something different and larger than the American 6-metre-center-consolle-boats. So, we decided to exhibited Prince 25, 30 and 38. The second one was not at our stand since there was enough room available but it will here next weeks for sea trials and services for some American magazines”

Was Prince 38, your biggest model at the event, appreciated by visitors?
“ People liked her very much for her finishes and deep bottom, perfect for local seas. It’s a model we propose in two versions. The first prototype was launched at Paris Boat Show in 2015; later, we presented the Dinette version with an astern dinette instead of a fixed sunbathing platform. Now, this is a convertible area which can change its shape very fast: from the basic layout with a lunch table to a large sunbathing platform (1.60 x 2.10 m), where the lunch table completely disappears under the flooring, ensuring safety and comfort while sailing. The table is provided with an electric shaft, included into the price. Prince 38, in both her two versions, also has an additional fore dinette but, in this case, the electric table is optional. Both the two versions are equipped with a small cabin with two beds and a bathroom, ideal to enjoy a short cruise. The two berths can even be put together to form a single double bed (2.50 x 2.10 m)”nuova jolly marine prince 38 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

 You are present in Europe and USA but not only…
Right, we’ve also landed in Australia and, since last May, we’ve managed to sell a significant number of ribs. We’re working on a very international project”

Which boat shows will you join next?
We will be in Paris and Düsseldorf. In France, we’ll launch a combined 33-foot-Prince. In Germany, we’ll exhibit some smaller boats since the local market usually requires them.  On paper, we’ve also the project of a new flagship within the range of 50′. But before launching her, we first prefer to consolidate the 43′ range. Our idea is to create a complete range and offer a real reliable alterative to anyone seeking something bigger. It’s a process with requires time and patience. But, I’m positive…”




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