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Great excitement in Bussero, few kilometres far from Milan, in the establishments of Nuova Jolly. We visited Teo Ajello in the hottest moment of the season, where the yard is working to its last deliveries and customers are looking forward to see their “babies”: “The problem is that, this year, many customers have decided to buy much later IMG_0061than in previous years. Suppliers are overwhelmed by last-minute requests and they sometimes delivery late, which makes us run out of time”.

But this means that orders exists and customers buy, a good sign for a sector which is attempting to emerge from a deep crisis….: “Yes, we’re working well. Last year, we produced 130 rubber boats. This year, we’ve reached 160 models – says Ajello – and there are many encouraging signals. I’m optimistic about future”.

From Italy, too? ” More than we imagined. Local market is important for us and it represents about 30% of our production. Of course, foreign markets are always the most important ones: France above all but also some unexpected markets like Australia

2_2Australia? Do Australians like Mediterranean rubber boats? “Yes, at first this astonished us. They have a long tradition of big vessels and work boats but they are discovering that we are the best and most experienced producers of cruise vessels. We are increasingly appreciated in the States, too”.

How are shipowners changing? “They’re getting more demanding. They want a better treatment, they are willing to invest on high-end rubber boats like ours but they ask for more quality and assistance. Our world is slowly approaching to cars’ one and this is good for our sector”.

Meanwhile, the season of boat shows is coming. Do you confirm you won’t participate to Genoa Boat Show? “Yes, we do. Together with other seven/eight important producers, we ran the numbers in consideration to the sales recorded in the previous Genoa boat shows and we understood  that it’s not worth it. 2We’ve decided to take a year off. Moreover, Genoa is not easy to reach by plane. So, for our foreign customers, it’s more comfortable to see our boats  in Düsseldorf or Paris”.

What about your news? “ NavigaMi gave us the occasion to present the new version of Prince 23, with a new larger central console. We needed a larger dashboard for the multifunction Raymarine monitor. At Cannes, next September, we’ll present our 38 CC Dinette, an evolution of the standard version presented in Paris last year. At the Paris Boat Show, we’ll present a new Sport Cabin 30 or 32. The lenght of this boat slightly varies from country to country according to the different local registration rules”.

2_6What are your best-sellers? “The three models which always give us great satisfaction are Prince 30, 35, and 38. Prince 43, too, is going well. We’re even preparing a new Prince 700 which will operate as a stepping stone from NJ to Prince models”

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