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The new proposal by Opac is a sunroof which can be converted into a sunbathing platform. So, an entirely convertible hard-top cover which can satisfy the shipbuilder and the shipowner’s needs.

The working of this new top is based on the use of some aluminium plates and a particular structure section so that the entire covered area of the hard-top can be used as a sunbathing platform when it is closed.

OPAC hard-top lamellare alluminio open1

The central element of this new product is the possibility to combine strength and rigidity to the plates’ movement. This way, the open sunroof is a normal hard top, while, when it is closed, it can support a useful weight to host passengers. Of course, Opac defines the exact maximum weight the structure can support for each project and kind of boat.

The top can be divided in several sections from the variable number of plates and it is designed to adapt itself to the different deck designs and shapes. It can be installed on all open and flying-bridge yachts.

The opening mechanism can be electric or hydraulic. It’s not an aesthetic choice but it concerns the load of work. In fact, on structures made up of a maximum of 12 plates, the movement can be managed electrically, while, on larger surfaces, a hydraulic system is necessary. During the movement, the panels are linked to each other and they move together.

The hard top is not limited to only two positions (open or closed). Since the plates can have different levels of inclination, it’s possible to set how much natural light can enter from outside into the covered area of the hard top.

Of course, also the air circulation can be set.

The new project has been developed by the boating department of the company, which is in charge of planning and building hard tops, soft tops, hoods and a large range of products and accessories for boats.

In its turn, the department absorbs and treasures the multi-year Opac’s experience in the planning and production of car shells and tops.


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