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Pardo GT 52: «A cross-over that enhances the pleasure of life at sea»

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Pardo GT 52: fifty-two is the number of feet, the unit of measurement of the Imperial Metric System, or about fifteen metres and eighty-five centimetres of a beauty that seems bent on leaving its mark on the public’s opinions. Decidedly streamlined, the Pardo GT 52 boasts sleek lines summed up in a vaguely diplomatic outfit where materials, design and modernity dialogue in agreement to converge on an idea of a boat that can truly be defined as avant-garde. With the Pardo GT 52, the future is no longer future but seems to invite you to a dimension of parallel sailing, to be tried out at sea to be discovered. This is a yacht that moves away from the concept of trawler, because, for example, the flybridge is replaced by a roof with large, transparent opening panels. Pardo 52 is also captivating for her flexibility, offered above all by a truly generous open space where the on-board routine is carried out from the main deck, inviting you aft to the external cockpit summed up in a delightful little balcony open to the sea and with face-to-face sofas.

pardo gt 52 previewThe following photos show a preview of the Pardo GT 52, offering a limited yet clear-cut impression of her. In the meantime, we’ll have to wait until next year, when the yacht will be exhibited at the Boot Düsseldorf. But dreaming is half the battle, so we’re presumptuous enough to say that this boat has potential worthy of special attention.

Looking at her aesthetically, Pardo GT 52 seems almost obstinate: the clear, ultra-polished hull surfaces fight against the water, overcoming and dominating it, as if in search of a supremacy, in which the human artifice of this upper-class yacht seems to have earned the right to win, competing with the beauty of marine nature.

Pushing the boundaries of this floating territory even further, the inverted bow is the hallmark of the Pardo Yacht fleet. An inverted bow, welcome, not only because it has a positive effect on waterline length (and therefore maximum displacement speed), but also because it shows itself to be a distinctive feature of discreet sportiness. The boat section also accommodates a larger relaxation area, where at least three people can find enough space for sunbathing.

This enfant terrible, in which nothing is left to chance, was born in its Forlì-based shipyard. But how could anyone say otherwise? Four thousand five hundred high-quality boats have been launched by this Italian shipbuilder since the Seventies. Pardo Yachts, where the yard speaks with slogans that we find hard not to like: “a perfect combination of power, elegance, comfort and functionality”.

Pardo GT 52, Galley up or Galley down

Galley Up layout

In the stern, the sofas can seat at least 8 guests that, after their relaxing nights at anchor, will move to “the master cabin with increased volume and rotated with the head bed oriented on the side to ensure better circulation in the cabin, connected to a large bathroom with shower at the bow“; or or peek into the VIP cabin and who knows, maybe even the crew cabin. Those owners who opt for the ‘galley up‘ layout will have an additional cabin with bunk beds or a lounge area. Those who opt for the “galley down” configuration will enjoy a larger dinette and a better equipped galley below deck for greater liveability during cruises outside the summer season. All to change the atmosphere of the world perceived on board, modifying its geometry according to the duration of the cruise, the external climate and the time of year.

Galley Down Layout

The Pardo GT 52 is designed for practicality. However, it’s a yacht that has been revised based on experience, and the improvements are proof of that. Looking, for example, at the Endurance 60, both boast “a design in which the central element is based around the continuity between the interior and exterior spaces, as already seen on board the Endurance 60: side stern windows which rise upwards, stern doors which can be opened completely and the roof in semi-open mode”. At the stern, this model, slender and elegant from the bow, has a platform that is sixty centimetres longer than that of the Pardo 50, which makes it more comfortable and is useful for the owner, for example, when he has to “stow, launch and recover the tender or jet ski”.

Massimo Gino from Nauta Design, designer of this yacht describes it as follows:pardo gt 52 top view «The Pardo 52 GT represents the cross-over between a walkaround and a classic cabin cruiser. The lounge on the main deck is protected by the superstructure and can be completely opened towards the stern, the door of the lounge and the two aft windows make it possible to put the latter in direct connection with the large and functional cockpit, or to separate the lounge from the outside by creating an internal area that can be conditioned or heated depending on the conditions. In the top there is a large sliding canopy to always have optimal ventilation. The side walks go up to the deck level to create a very large flush area for relaxation in the bow, with a large sundeck in the middle of the deckhouse. Due to the flush deck, important volumes are gained in the bow interiors: the master area benefits enormously from these volumes with a comfort that is rarely found on boats of this size“.

The concept of the Pardo GT 52 also pays attention to the environment, with an engine room that is prepared to receive the upgrade of the Volvo hybrid engine. This is  a yacht designed for luxury cruising, explains Margo Gugnono from the Technical Office of Cantiere del Pardo. “The innovative concept of the Pardo GT stems from an idea to create a convivial boat that  could best connect the interior (the sheltered area) with the exterior, i.e. the sea. The boat features innovative solutions that maximize the comfort of life on board and the ease of use in every moment of the nautical routine.” 

Owners will be also comforted, should the need arise, by a network of dealers and assistance throughout the world, which, according to the company’s customer service code, means “maximum support”, always.

Technical Specs

Overall Length: 16.58 m
Waterline Length: 14.62 m
Maximum Beam: 4.96 m
Fuel Tank: 2.000 l
Water Tank: 600 l
Engines: standard Volvo IPS 2×650 // opt. Volvo IPS 2×700 – 2X800

Project: Cantiere del Pardo // Nauta Design // Zuccheri Yacht Design.

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