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Pardo Yachts : an extensive sales and service network in America

After the great success of its Dolce Vita-style boats, Pardo Yachts strengthens its presence in the American continent with a special service network dedicated to new overseas customers. The requests are numerous and the three shipyard’s creations – the Pardo 38, Pardo 34 and Pardo 50 – inevitably attract anyone looking for a fascinating Made in Italy yacht.

We encountered the Pardo staff to find out more about the development of the dealer and service network in the American market.

Pardo Yachts in the USA

Pardo Yachts MiamiThe American adventure of Pardo Yachts began in 2018, when the Pardo 43 was unveiled at the Miami Yacht Show.

Just two years later, as evidence of the great success of the Italian shipyard, 23 units have already been sold.

20% of sales come from the American market and promising growth is on the horizon. These achievement are even more important when compared to the initial difficulties of the company. When we visited their booth at the Miami Yacht Show, Pardo’s team told us an anecdote: in 2018, due to a shipping problem, the first Pardo 43 arrived two days late on display in Miami.

Apparently difficult at first, the American experience of Pardo Yachts evolved into an unstoppable growth which is now reflected in the likely choice of planning the world premiere of the new Pardo Endurance 60 right in Miami.

As further evidence of its interest in the American market, the shipyard joined the last Miami Yacht Show with the outboard version of the Pardo 38 (fitted with three Verado 800 engines, for a top speed of 52 knots), specially designed for the US market.

Having so Pardo 38many requests for a shipyard which wants to offer a complete customer care service means building a sales and service network available on site. And that’s why Pardo is investing and taking root in the USA.

The new hub of Cantiere del Pardo for the southern United States is called Pardo Yachts Miami and is located in Aventura, between Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Here, American customers can find a new reference point dealing with service and customer care. The shipyard also has four berths to deliver new boats and is the official dealer of Pardo Yachts for Florida.

Although Pardo Yachts Miami is the shipyard’s reference point in the USA, the dealer network in the rest of the American States is also expanding.

Where? In California, New York and on the great northern lakes thanks to the Chicago dealer, the Spring Brook Marina which, after having attended the latest Chicago Boat Show with the Pardo Yachts brand for the first time, has sold 3 boats, confirming how the open yachts of the Italian shipyard are increasingly appreciated even in the regions where it is not always summer.

Pardo Yachts also conquers Central America

Pardo 38 under wayThe overseas market is thriving and requests come even from Central American customers.

The dealer network has expanded and the Italian shipyard landed even in Porto Rico and Mexico with three different offices.

The Mexican dealer is called Pardo Yachts Mexico and operates in Cancun, Ixtlan and Cabo San Luca in Baka California, on the Pacific Coast.



Pardo Yachts

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