PIRELLI 42 Special Edition
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Pirelli 42 special edition by Mansory: the high-tech maxi-rib will be presented at the Dubai International Boat Show on 28 February. 

Sacs TecnoRib, based at Roncello in the Brianza region of Italy, is continuing its mission of transforming inflatable boats into prestigious products hallmarked by quality and safety, performance and style. No longer just megayacht tenders and runaround dayboats, but high-tech craft of exceptional speed and handling that are equally eye-catching and enjoyable when at anchor. 

Sacs TecnoRib, with annual turnover in excess of 45 million euro and one of the major players on Italy’s sports marine scene, has developed a new concept of rigid inflatables, building on the expertise of the two existing companies Sacs and Tecnorib. The Pirelli 42 Mansory special-edition maxi-rib is the result of an intriguing collaboration, between Sacs Tecnorib and the German marque Mansory, founded in 1989 by Iranian tuner Kourosh Mansory, working in Brand, Germany, and famous for the customisation of high-end supercars. 

PIRELLI 42_Special Edition_Mansory (9)

This boat is a spectacular demonstration of the success of the maxi-rib formula, with superb high-tech looks and a plethora of engaging details that go far beyond the Mansory trademark starry-sky roof created using hundreds of LED bulbs.

The new maxi rib’s official debut will be at the Dubai International Boat Show from 28 February to 3 March, with a 1:12 scale model and a video of in-water tests. Powered by three 500 hp Mercury engines, it marks the official start of Sacs Tecnorib’s partnership with Mansory. The preview photos reveal the remarkable transformation of the Pirelli 42, with a dominant visual theme offered by carbon, a highlight of Mansory’s habitual work on luxury vehicles. In fact, carbon fibre is a constant presence throughout the new tecnorib, appearing in the cockpit with its throttles and joystick, the spoiler on the hard top, the row of integrated Hella spotlights, the air vents and many other details.

The Pirelli 42 was already a game-changer when it was presented in 2021, with a top speed exceeding 60 knots. With its aggressive looks crafted by Ted Mannerfelt of the eponymous Swedish design studio, its objective was to deliver an impression of velocity even when at anchor. Pirelli coined the name “Walkaround” for its range of high-tech inflatables, a reference to the ample space available and the continuous walkways running from the bow loungers right back to the stern, offering exceptional comfort and safety. 


Mansory, famous for their radical bodywork modifications and performance upgrades for even the fastest production cars, have totally transformed the Pirelli 42 tecnorib, starting from the Mercury engines which have custom graphics to make them an integrated part of the design. In their colour scheme, the power plants reference the unmistakable character of the Pirelli 42’s looks, expressing generous performance. The tough, streamlined looks are underlined by details such as the start/stop button cover reminiscent of aircraft control panels, the steering wheel, accelerator and joysticks highlighting carbon fibre, and custom upholstery in waterproof leather. Overall, the Pirelli 42 Special Edition is a remarkable combination, a partnership expressed by the Mansory logos appearing on the side of the boat as well as at the centre of the wheel, the backrest cushions and other details.

The special-edition Pirelli 42 Mansory tecnorib offers looks that match the performance of the 2021 original, with its amazing acceleration and mechanics, merit of the superbly-engineered keel that gives the craft consistent stability from when it gets on plane at about 12 knots, all the way through to its top speed of over 60 knots. We were already impressed with the Pirelli 42 when we tested it back in 2022 (with triple Mercury Racing 450 outboards), and we loved its superb efficacy even when cutting through waves at high speed.

Pirelli 42 Special Edition

From the photos, we can see that the interiors of the Pirelli 42 Mansory are as sleek and enticing as the exteriors, with an open-space cabin featuring customisable cushioning, sink, WC and shower. Of course, owners can customise their tecnorib, modifying the cushions in colour and stitching design. “Mansory are masterful in their ability to interpret customer requests and transform them into unique, prestigious customisations,” said Gianni De Bonis, CEO of Sacs Tecnorib, but considering the remarkable resources of engineering and design offered by the several companies that in the recent past have contributed to this extraordinary story of success, we are sure that most customers will be happy with the Pirelli 42 Mansory special edition as it is proposed by the manufacturer. We can’t wait to see it in the flesh.

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