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A perfect boat for family holidays. Limited length, good price, light engines and a lot of space. Jeanneau’s boating experience is evident in this project, together with the advantages of a mass production (costs are cheaper, construction is excellent thanks to the development of the entire production system) and the collaboration with Garroni Design’s interior architects.

The two cabins are separated: one has a fore entrance (picture below), while the other one has an astern entrance. This is an unusual solution on a so long boat ( 12 m long) but it allows a better circulation on board ( the boat seems never full) and even more privacy to passengers.

26-27 mai 2014 Prestige Yachts 420 Photo © Jean-Marie LIOT

The central zone of the boat, equipped with a large table, has been raised a little in order to obtain more space in the fore cabin, an excellent 360-degree view for the captain (even if the seat is not adjustable) and a beautiful view on the sea for those who have lunch here.

The cabin underneath is rather large, with a maximum height of 186 cm and 96 cm over the bed. It is not an imperial suite, but it is very bright and comfortable, with a private bathroom and a  separated shower.26-27 mai 2014 Prestige Yachts 420 Photo © Jean-Marie LIOT

The fore cabin is more traditional but very functional, with a L-shape bed and a private bathroom. It is less high than the previous one (191 cm) and the berth is a little narrower (195 x 150 cm).26-27 mai 2014 Prestige Yachts 420 Photo © Jean-Marie LIOT

On the main deck, directly linked to the cockpit, there is a kitchen, another strong point of the boat. It is spacious (133 x 76 cm), well-arranged and very functional. The fridge is on the left, near the stepladder to reach the fly. This way, the helmsman has a good free view when he gears in reverse.26-27 mai 2014 Prestige Yachts 420 Photo © Jean-Marie LIOT

The fly is not, and it cannot be, large but it offers a more than respectable surface. The sunbathing platform is large and the cockpit enjoys a wonderful view.  The big astern pilot house (370 x 132 cm) is available even in a submergable version. Channels are very large (30 cm) and protected.

26-27 mai 2014 Prestige Yachts 420 Photo © Jean-Marie LIOT

Performances are aligned with the boat’s philosophy, with cheap purchase and management costs. 

The engines are two 300 HP IPS Volvo Penta ( the shipbuilder has added a small 80cm axis to balance weight). There is also the possibility to choose two 370 HP IPS engines, even if we don’t consider them as necessary.26-27 mai 2014 Prestige Yachts 420 Photo © Jean-Marie LIOT

Of course, the boat is not particularly fast when you speed up but it allows a safe and fun navigation anyway, thanks to IPS transmission. The maximum speed is about 31 knots, while cheap cruising speed is 23 knots (105 l/h). Fast cruising speed is 27 knots and in this case the two Volvo Penta engines need 120 litres per hour, that is 4,5 l a mile.IMG_1633

Prestige 420 – Technical file

Project: J&J Design/Garroni Design/JP Concepts
Builder: Jeanneau, France
CE category: B
Overall length: 12,64 m

Lenght: 11,32 m

Max Width: 3,97 m
Propeller Immersion 0,79 M
Displacement (empy boat):  9.516 kg
Displacment (full load):  13.592 kg
Max people: 9
Beds:: 6
Sea trial engines 2 x Volvo Penta IPS 400 Diesel
Power: HP 600
Transmission: IPS
Engines total weight:  1.802 kg
Fuel Tank: 800 l
Water Tank: 400 l
Optional engines: 2 x Volvo Penta IPS 500 (370 HP)
Materials and hull: fiberglass hull; fiberglass deck and superstructures; infusion layers; V-shape hull; 16-degree astern angle; two sustaining supports; static and dynamic corner

Optionals: Cruise control –  IPS joystick– cockpit engine controls – electric flaps – fore propeller –  Raymarine electronic pack – fore platform camera – AIS  mooring kit – anchoring kit – teak cockpit table – hydraulic gangway  – hydraulic astern plasform – tv – air conditioned – convertible dinette sofa – dishwasher

Basic Price: 341,200 Euros, Vat excluded, with 2×300 cv Volvo D4 IPS 400 engines.

Prestige 420 – Sea trial Performances


speed litres/hour litres/mile autonomy
600 4,0 2,0 0,5 1.600
1000 5,6 6,7 1,1 727
1500 8,6 18,0 2,1 380
2000 10,2 45,4 4,4 181
2500 14,7 74,1 5,2 153
3000 23,5 110 4,5 177
3500 31,0 140 4,5 177

Minimum gliding speed (flaps and/or trims at zero): 13.4 knots.

Sea trial conditions Wind: 15/18 knots; little rough sea. Liquid loads: 70%. People on board: 6

Cockpit table: 60 x 103 cm

Astern linear sofa: 212 cm

Cockpit entrance width: 52 cm

Astern platform: 370×132 cm

Lateral channels length: 30 cm

Fore sunbathing platform: 173×168 cm

Dinette entrance width: 117 cm

Dinette height: 205 cm

Dinette Table: 120×70 cm

U-shape dinette sofa: 110x208x114 cm

Pilot seat: 68 cm

L-shaped kitchen: 133×76 cm

Entrance night zone widht: 68 cm

Fore cabin height: 191 cm

Berth:195×150 cm

Fore bathroom height: 193 cm

Astern cabin height: 186 cm

Berth: 200×173 cm

Fore bathroom height: 186 cm

26-27 mai 2014 Prestige Yachts 420 Photo © Jean-Marie LIOTBB1A0452-1




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