Nuova Jolly Prince 38 CC
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Nuova Jolly Marine Prince 38 CC: to fly on a rough sea at 60 knots

That of the Prince 38 CC Prince 38 CC, side-decks is a test that leaves no room for doubt: Nuova Jolly has created a really extraordinary maxi Rib.

Our test was a record one since we exceeded the sidereal speed of 60 knots and we did so not on a flat sea but in a condition that normally bothers many inflatable boats.

We’re talking about short and bad waves, raised by a strong north wind blowing in the Gulf of Genoa which, however, never disturbed the Prince 38 CC, not even when we sailed at full throttle.

Nuova Jolly Prince 38 CC Sea Trial

Prince 38 CC test The Prince 38 CC that awaits us moored on the quay, dressed for the occasion in a captivating white and red livery, suggests her sporty and dynamic personality at first sight.

This feeling becomes even more concrete when our eyes fall on the outboards which the boat is equipped with: two brand-new Mercury 450 R in a matching colour with the Rib’s one.

The overall effect is breath-taking.

Outside, a north wind is blowing and the power available is really great; if the hull is up for the challenge, it will be fun today!

I seat in the steering console, tie the security strap and we leave. The driving feeling is soft and the seated driving position is perfect: I am comfortable, at the right distance from the helm. I feel safe.

The engines are Prince 38 CC, steering console equipped with an automatic trim control system, which is very useful if we consider the speed we’re going to reach.

As I suspected before leaving, the sea is actually rough with very insidious waves. I don’t resist, I want to test acceleration now. So, I head the bow of the Prince 38 CC into the wind and push the throttles forward.

I’m thrown back, the Rib starts to fly on the water while the log marks increasingly important figures.

Within just 9 seconds, we’re running at 40 knots; within 13, the speed reaches 50 knots and….in less than 18 seconds, the Prince 38 CC reaches the incredible speed of 61 knots!

I hardly notice the waves. If I had even the slightest doubt about the seaworthiness of this boat, I would certainly pulled the throttles back. But nothing, it’s pure enjoyment. Unbelievable.

I can’t help doing it again. My adrenaline desire is strong and inevitable. Moreover, I feel completely at ease: in the blink of an eye, I’m back to the maximum.

The boat does not hit the waves, it passes through them and the vibrations are inevitably reduced. The only discomfort I feel comes from my glasses that I constantly risk losing because of the speed.

The hull of the Prince 38 CC, in perfect Nuova Jolly style, goes beyond any expectation. I want to put it even more to the test, in the most demanding condition. So, I go offshore, where the waves are even higher, and, again, I push the throttles forward.

Prince 38 CC under way I launch the boat against the waves and, under these conditions, I reach 40 knots in total safety. There is no impact on the waterline, no violent landing, nothing moves on board: what a result and what a great hull!

Now, it’s time to test the maneuvering capacity of the Prince 38 CC. I start to perform a series of turns and feel that the boat follows me with extreme precision and promptness.

The boat is always stable, with no excessive heeling, and I feel I can push myself to the limit without problems. In turn, I make concentric circles at more than 20 knots with a “paltry” radius, between 10 and 15 meters, the helm always remains soft.

Only a few water sprays enter the boat, the only ones that hit my face are mostly carried by the wind.

The Prince 38 CC has no difficulty in managing the huge power of these engines which, instantly, she can convert into speed. The auto-trim is an essential accessory, it works at full speed and makes things much easier for me.

Fuel consumption necessarily deserves a separate discussion. The two Mercury 450 R are the most powerful standard outboards of the market. Consequently, during out test, we should not expect little fuel consumption.

Prince 38 CC, turns Prince 38 CC at sea

Nevertheless, when sailing at cruising speed, the fuel consumption is quite interesting. At 3,500 rpm, in fact, it is equal to 83 l/h and the boat can already sail at more than 26 knots. This means 3.1 l/nm which, considering the 900 horsepower available, is a definitely good result.

Even when the speed increases, despite the power and the growing acceleration of the boat, the fuel consumption is always low: around 3 l/nm. It’s an excellent performance, we are sailing between 30 and 45 knots: a speed that usually makes the other engines use much more fuel.

Only at over 5,500 rpm, when the boat reaches 50 knots, we break the barrier of 4 liters per mile (normal, you would say). At maximum speed, which we record at 61 knots, consumption is equal to 5.5 l/nm or, if you prefer, to 339 liters per hour.

A “number” that could be frightening but which, if related to speed, shows that the hull of the Nuova Jolly Prince 38 CC and the new Mercury 450R engines are a perfect match.

The Nuova Jolly Marine Prince 38 CC

Prince 38 CC, bow The Prince 38 CC is a maxi Rib with a sporty and charming personality: the lines are sleek, the bow is captivating and the streamlined design of tubulars is appealing. However, this “aggressive” character does not obfuscate the comfortable side which is another unquestionable quality of this inflatable boat.

The Prince 38 CC, indeed, has all you need to enjoy a perfect cruise. We realize that as we enter the cockpit. The latter, in fact, thanks to a table with an electric mechanism, offers three different configurations: a sun pad, a dinner zone or, when the table is completely lowered, a totally unencumbered area.

Fitted with a helm seat on the left and two elegant stand-up seats, the steering console is fully-equipped and ergonomic.

The two Prince 38 CC, navigation seats can be raised in order to free the hob underneath them, where also a drawer fridge is available.

Going forward – very easily thanks to the comfortable walkway and the lateral handrail – we find a V-shaped seat that can be transformed into a large sundeck or into an additional dining area with a table.

The forward section of the console features a seat that attracts those who want to enjoy speed with the “wind in their face”. From here, by lifting the hatch, we can enter the cabin which is equipped with a berth for two people and a toilet.

One more point in favor of a Rib that is open and walk-around. Noteworthy are the finishes and attention to detail which make this inflatable boat even more exclusive.


With the Prince 38 CC, Nuova Jolly introduces a cruising RIB with the performance of a real “racer”. The shipyard does so with an unparalleled level of comfort and safety, thanks to an extraordinary hull that enables the two sporty engines to deliver all their power available.

The recreational Ribs capable of sailing so fast are few and those which can do that in harsh conditions, like the Prince 38 CC, are very rare.

We therefore cannot but applaud the shipyard which has created, in the segment of center-console Ribs, a high-level product, perhaps unique.

We cannot but think that, even with a less powerful engine package, the overall fuel consumption would be low and, maybe, the sailing experience would not be less exciting. Most boat owners, at 50 knots, could certainly be more than satisfied.

Prince 38 CC, aerial view

Nuova Jolly Prince 38 CC – Sea Trial Data

Test Conditions: 20-knot north wind, rough sea with short waves, 3 passengers on boars, fuel tanks at 70%. Engines: 2 x Mercury 450 R

RPM Speed in knots Fuel Consumption (l/h) Fuel Consumption (l/nm)
600 3.5 7.1 2
1,000 5 12.6 2.5
1,500 7.5 24.8 3.3
2,000 10.5 39.3 3.7
2,500 13 53.5 4.1
3,000 20 68 3.4
3,500 26.5 83 3.1
4,000 33 107 3.2
4,500 38 150 3.9
5,000 44 170 3.8
5,500 50 223.6 4.4
6,000 55 291 5.2
6,400 61 339 5.5
Acceleration in knots     Time in seconds
0-20 3.4
0-30 5.6
0-40 9
0-50 13.4
0-60 17.8

Technical Specs

 Prince 38 CC
Length 11.30 m
Width 3.80 m
Inner Length 10.00 m
Inner Width 2.30 m
Tubulars Size 0.69 m
Compartments 6
Dry Displacement 3200 Kg
Max Power 2×400 HP
Mast length XXL
Passengers Capacity 18
Category B
Fuel Tank 700 l
Water Tank 150 l
Cabins 1

Nuova Jolly Marine SRL

Via Bologna, 3/5
20060 Bussero (MI)

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