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What’s more beautiful than transforming a terrestrial being into a sailor? Very few things, for sailing course organizers. This is why the Italian sailing school Puntovelablu has organized a series of nautical appointments and basic sailing courses for secondary school students. From next April 27th to May 11th, the Marina di Varazze will therefore become one of the focal centres in the world of sailing training for students, who can then have the possibility to continue their sailing career with the activities of Estate Nautica (nautical summer) which will take place next July.

Marina di varazze puntovelablu vela a scuola<img class=” alignleft wp-image-21964″ title=”Marina di varazze puntovelablu vela a scuola” src=”//www.tuttobarche.it/magazine/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2017/04/puntovelablu-vela-a-scuola_2.jpg” alt=”Marina di varazze puntovelablu vela a scuola” width=”298″ height=”224″ /&ampIn this first phase, 300 students coming from different secondary schools of Turin will have the opportunity to start knowing the wonderful world of recreational sailing in the most natural and instictive way possible, that is by sailing.

The initiative has been launched by the sailing school Puntovelablu, a body which is based in Marina di Varazze, a popular marina situated in the heart of Liguria Riviera di Ponente (Liguria Western Riviera) and one among the first marinas, if not the very first one, for Turinese and Piedmontese in general.

The activity will take place from next April 27th until May 11th. During these 15 days, students coming from different secondary schools will have the possibility to experience the emotion of sailing on a sailboat and discover not only all the sporty competitive aspects but, above all, all the cultural, historical and traditional implications of the sailing experience.
The activity embodies another noble end: the preservation of marine environment. After all, there’s no better way to educate students about the importance of respecting ecosystem than making them aware of their belonging to it.

It’s only when you are forced to move according to water and wind caprices that you really realize that you’re one of the elements involved. You therefore have to respect rules and not the “deus ex machina” for which all’s fair.

Marina di varazze puntovelablu vela a scuola
Aerial photo of the Marina di Varazze, where the courses organized by the sailign school Puntovelablu will take place.

Moreover, the participation to group activities, such as piloting a recreational boat, is the best way to transmit the importance of some concepts, such as teamwork, differentiation of roles, coordination and team synergy.

The main goal of these appointments ( you find the calendar of them below) is to instill in potential sailors the passion for sailing pushed by wind, in harmony with the ecosystem but without the need to travel thousands of kilometres away.

From a practical point of view, the students who decide to join the initiative will be divided into groups so that they can be better involved in the didactical and practical activities which will take part both in the morning and in the afternoon. During the first trips, Puntavelablu instructors will provide students with a smattering of basic sailing education by focusing on the importance of acting responsibly.

The activity of the school is not limited to the school diary but continues in July with the appointments of
Estate Nautica -four days where the common denominator is always sailing, of course – and with Vela e Apnea (sailinf and apnoea): a whole week dedicated to these two disciplines

The dates of the appointments
April 27th– Istituto Tecnico Majorana
May 3rd and 4th– Istituto Agrario Dalmasso Pianezza
May 8th – Istituto S.M. Agnelli
May 9th- Istituto Agrario Dalmasso Pianezza
May 11th- Istituto S.M. Agnelli
July 2nd and 3rd: Estate nautica
July 9th-10th: Estate nautica
July 16th-21st: Vela e apnea
Other appointments organized by Puntovelablu
May 20th-21st: Safety at Sea Course
June 3rd-5th: participation of the school to the “151 Miglia Trofeo Celadrin” regatta on the Livorno – Marina di Pisa- Giraglia- Formiche di Grosseto- Punta Ala course on board the IMX 40 Energy Energy ITA 3703 racing boat.

For further information about courses, participations and activities: Puntovelablu – Scuola velica; Alfonso Sicignano, mobile phone (+39) 347 2694671; www.puntovelablu.it; e-mail: info@puntovelablu.it

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