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Quick Arcipelago: the new marine lighting Capsule Collection

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Quick Marine Lighting, the interior lighting division of Quick Spa, has unveiled at a special event the Arcipelago project that encompasses the new Capsule Collection range designed by Parisotto+Formenton.

The event comes in response to METS Amsterdam, where the company was supposed to present the collection in world premiere, but did not attend due to the serious outbreak of COVID-19. However, the presentation of Arcipelago products, yet another pride of Made in Italy, was attended by top yacht designers, nautical journalists, nautical architects and shipyard representatives.

Arcipelago by Quick, marine lighting for your boat

The Arcipelago lighting systems seen at the conference demonstrate a great deal of commitment from the design phase through to product development. Easy use on board, but without sacrificing maritime requirements. Style and architecture also go hand in hand. The result is adherence to a highly sophisticated, essential design that does not add appreciable weight.

Particular attention has been paid to the dimensional aspect of the products, which achieve high lumen/watt performance while taking up minimal space. As with all the products in the Quick Marine Lighting range, the proprietary LED sources guarantee flow stability and colour rendering (CRI > 90),” explain Quick’s marketing department.

As for the final result, the lighting design by Parissotto+Formenton creates a chiaroscuro of light and shadow, perfectly integrated into the typical interior volumes of the yachts.

Michele Marzucco The Arcipelago’s is a first release: “Characterized by an IP 40 degree of protection and a special surface treatment of the aluminium that is highly ‘customizable’, suitable for multiple finishes and tested in a climatic chamber in Quick’s laboratories, reproducing atmospheric agents typical of the marine environment”.

Chiara Marzucco, vice president of Quick Spa, explains how the research carried out by Quick Lighting led to the production of “Lighting fixtures designed to fit on the boat”. “There was a desire,” continues Chiara Marzucco, ” to develop a series of products that had a different shape, concept and premise from what we are used to. Because the needs of designers are changing and there is a desire to differentiate”.

Aldo Parisotto describes the development of the Arcipelago project as equally ambitious: “We want to address the lighting of larger vessels, including superyachts”.

Arcipelago also stems from “traditional boating”. The aim is to draw on a design that looks for forms, referring simply to the function of the object itself. So this range of lights looks to the contemporary world, without giving up the essence of the product.

Marketing. There is a classical inspiration in the Capsule Collection, and it evokes myth through its lamps whose names refer to Gea, Nausicaa and Penelope.

Quick Arcipelago Gea


This is a range of recessed or semi-recessed spotlights. The square matrix design meets soft bevels and rounded shapes in very compact dimensions, available as single elements or in modular triads. A special feature of the Gea Series is the possibility of using the product in different areas of the boat thanks to the many versions of the product: from the single 2W recessed or surface mounted version to the fully concealed recessed or framed version that can accommodate from one to three spotlights to reach a maximum power of 6W (3x2W)“.



«The range includes recessed or semi-recessed wall lamps, all suitable for ambient lighting or as a step light. The matrix is a soft, elliptical sign developed around the simplicity of a small tube of light. The lights have a 2W light source and a 2W double beam in the bi-emission models».



«These lamps are designed for resting. They are adjustable reading lamps characterized by their essential dimensions and an evocative shade cap supported by a slender adjustable stem. The light source has a wattage of 1.5W and is also available in a two-tone version with red chart light. Penelope has been engineered to house a touch switch on the base and a USB socket for recharging smartphones and tablets.”.

Quick Arcipelago: top finishes

Arcipelago products recall traditional nautical lighting shapes, but are totally rethought in a modern key. “The finishes that the three families have in common range from black brushed anodised, absolute burnished to white. The light source is available in both a warm white version with a colour temperature of 3000°K and a daylight version with a colour temperature of 4000°K,” explain Quick Spa.

Double-digit results

Chiara and Michele Marzucco During the event, organized at Quick Spa’s Ravenna headquarters, president and CEO Michele Marzucco spoke about the important general trend in the nautical sector, drawing on his many years of experience: “I don’t remember such a significant growth in the nautical sector in 40 years of work.

Moreover, there are the positive figures of a company that is growing not only with the wind in its favour on the global market, but also thanks to its internal strategies. Not surprisingly, this year Quick Spa has achieved a growth of around 75% on the Italian market. The end-of-year analysis also shows an almost +50% increase in turnover overall.

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