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Quick Energy Range: many products for every type of boat

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The products of the Energy Range by Quick are extraordinarily versatile. Let’s see why


Lorenzo Cesari, Sales Manager at Quick Spa

Quick, international leader in the production of nautical equipment, offers a wide selection of products belonging to the Energy Range (in the picture above, the production at Quick Spa headquarters). Among their many functional features, what makes them particularly popular and sough-after on the global market is their great versatility, as well as the possibility to be installed on boats of all kinds and of all sizes. We talked about this with Quick Spa Sales Manager Lorenzo Cesari.

The products from the Quick Energy Range can be installed on a multitude of medium- and large-sized sailing and motor-powered boats: what lies behind this great adaptability and, therefore, this high versatility?

Our adaptability derives from the fact that we have many product lines (ECS charge separators, SBC chargers, HSI invertes and VRS voltage reducers) capable of embracing all types of boat, from outboard models to superyachts. Our range, in fact, meets the needs of both small- and large-sized boats with battery packages up to 3000 Ah”

ECS charge separators

From a quality point of view, why are the products from the Quick Energy Range different from competitors?

” Our range is characterized by the ability to work in full power up to ambient temperatures of 50 ° and in power reduction up to 70 °, and in absolute silence thanks to a forced ventilation system with variable speed. Other important features that distinguish our products from competitors are their compact size and lightness, the integrated CAN BUS and, therefore, a system capacle of facilitating communication, as well as a battery charge compensation system whose interface can be equipped with another hundred temperature sensors”.

Why and how important is the integration with the QNN gateway?

” QNN is a device that efficiently responds to the request for integrated automation and monitoring of the boat electric system. It allows to monitor and pilot SBC and HSI directly from the chart plotters available on board. Additional control panels are therefore not required, which results into cleaner helm stations, where the chart plotter acts as a single display to monitor the operation of the products available on board”.

Why should a boat owner install the products of your Energy Range?

HSI inverter

The enormous convenience for shipyards and shipowners to have Quick as their only partner consists in the fact that it can act as a single interlocutor by providing six different ranges of products. Furthermore, our QNN gateway allows to monitor and pilot the six product lines through a single shared CAN network, compatible with all brands. This, of course, translares into easier and faster installation”.

Are you going to launch some new products in 2021?

” We have worked a lot to guarantee our interlocutors many new products, including a new range of HSI inverters from 800W to 6KW, suitable for both 220 Vac and 110 Vac systems. It’s the most efficient, the most compact and most lightweight solution currently available on the market”.




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