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Quick MC2X: let’s get the “revolution” started

Our reference to the great Polish astronomer, who was the first to describe an astronomical system in which the Earth revolved around the Sun and not the reverse, is not random because what the new Quick systems are intended to trigger is a real small revolution.

quick mc2x gyro stabilizers
Lorenzo Cesari (Quick) with the new MC2X

The new MC2X gyro stabilizers have revolutionized the traditional operation concept of this anti-roll mechanism, by introducing a compact, silent and safe product.

But how important is this revolution?

The gyro stabilizers commonly found on the market generally consist of a mass revolving around a vertical axis positioned inside a watertight water-cooled box. The relatively small masses used until today have a revolving speed of 10/12 thousand rpm whose consequent warming inevitably creates a need for a water-cooled system. Furthermore, this feature entails the need to keep utilities connected, even for many hours after mooring, so that the inertia produced by the gyroscope can be completely disposed.

MC2_X_SeriesQuick MC2X stabilizers have revolutionized this concept of operation. First of all, the water-cooled system has been replaced by a more efficient air-cooled system equipped with external valves. This means that utilities can be disconnected at any moment without having to wait for cooling.

This important result was achieved thanks to the presence of larger masses which, in order to obtain the same stabilization effect, need a lower number of rpm – around 4,500 – for a mass revolving around a horizontal axis. Of course, this results into lower mechanical stress, less friction and therefore lower heat output as well as the possibility to remove the need for a water-cooled system which, consequently, enables the user to disconnect utilities while the mass autonomously stops.

Since the hydraulic system is no longer required, on-board installation, too, is significantly easier.

In all the gyro stabilizers currently sold on the market, including the new Quick MC2X devices, the electric motor activates the mass rotation and, once 80% of revolutions is reached, it releases precession, that is the stabilization function.

A lower revolution speed also implies another important MC2X_TouchRemoteControl2advantage: the new stabilizers achieve the minimum stabilization efficiency within a few minutes and then reach the normal speed just as fast. Compared with all the alternatives currently offered on the market, Quick Mc2X systems guarantee a 40% time saving (data collected from manufacturer’s declarations).

In more practical terms, this means that, while conventional stabilizers get up to speed within about 55 minutes, the new MC2X devices take just 35 minutes.

MC2X_App_Phone&TabletEquipped with Quick electric motors, MC2X stabilizers are very compact and silent, according to statements made by the manufacturer.

MC2X stabilizers can be managed using NMEA interface or the new remote touch panel with graphic display (multi-station compatible) available in sizes 5” and 7”.

Moreover, the MC2 Mobile App records (and checks) the performance of the stabilizers during sea trips. The App can be downloaded and is viewable on both smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android).


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  1. What is the correct model for a 42′ Egg Harbor sport fisherman, and what is the pricing on the right model

  2. What would be the correct product for a 370 Carver aft cabin. How much would said stabilizer cost.

  3. I have a Tiara 42 Open with a hardtop. ( NO Tower) What is the correct size and price of the unit. I also want to know if 2 smaller units could replace the 24 inch by 24 inch model do to floor access being not wide enough to get the unit past the opening. I see the smaller units are 19 x19. These may work to get past the size issue, but will they be efficient compared with 1 larger unit?
    Richard G

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