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4 good reasons to choose a Quick stabilizer

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Four good reasons to choose a Quick stabilizer

If you think that gyro stabilizers are all the same, you’re wrong. Indeed, there are some important differences, both conceptual and technological, between the various models available on the market and making the right choice, when you choose to install this useful accessory on your boat, is essential.

Quick Spa, the Italian multinational company of nautical equipment, produces a gyro stabilizer that, thanks to its efficient and innovative technology, is literally conquering the global market.

Faced with such a widespread phenomenon, we have decided to investigate the reasons that have led Quick to remove the old leader of the American market from the throne where he was so placidly gloating.

There are at least four reasons why, in our opinion, boaters from all over the world have started to prefer Quick stabilizers. Here they are.

Quick SPA: the true strength behind QUICK GYRO

Having a thirty-year experience in the sector of technicalQuick Spa headquarter nautical equipment is very important.

Manufacturing thrusters, windlasses, chargers, inverters and marine lighting means spending a lot of time on board, knowing boats, owners and, above all, their needs.

Such a great and specific experience could only lead to the development of an excellent product, specifically centered on the specific needs of the boats, starting with quality.

In 30 years of activity, Quick has built what is undoubtedly the world’s largest and most skilled sales and nautical service network.

This allows the owners to easily find a dealer or service center near themselves, regardless of whether they are in their mooring port or cruising the seas of the world.

When the owner or captain comes into contact with a Quick dealer, he is pleasantly surprised by the fact that the stabilizers are not sold “by the meter” or “by the kilogram”, but according to the particular characteristics of the boat, such as the presence or less of superstructures, its shape stability and many other factors.

In short, it’s a completely custom calculation that Quick makes for every single customer, offering a truly custom service.

Absolute quality is a very important element for Quick that, as a historical manufacturer of technical nautical equipment, perfectly knows that a boat sails in the sea and must have no problems.

It is no coincidence that Quick produces all its products internally thanks to an internal department specialized in precision mechanical machining. It’s a true company in the company that extends over an area of 2,000 square meters, producing precision components which are then assembled into the various products.

This is also why Quick gyro stabilizers are so popular.

Could this be the real reason for their success? Maybe there’s more, as suggested by the sea trial we carried out in Miami.

Air cooling

quick spa air-cooled stabilizerWhat is not there does not break, the famous American car manufacturer Henry Ford said. These words sound particularly true at sea, where the marine environment really strains all boat components to the limit.

That’s why Quick, supported by its 30-year experience, has decided to develop an air-cooled gyro stabilizer, devoid of all the unnecessary frills used by competitors that inevitably translate into greater encumbrance as well as more demanding management and management costs and times.

The owner has complete control of what he is installing, knowing exactly the absorption, weight and technical characteristics.

Quick stabilizers, because of this peculais feature, take up little space and require very little maintenance.

Easy installation

This feature is a result of the MC2-QUICK-GYRO-installationprevious one. Quick gyro stabilizers are definitively plug-and-play.

You only need to find the correct position, power the stabilizer and the game is made. You therefore don’t need to haul the boat, puncture the hull (twice), have another hydraulic system on board, a pump and, above all, to manage yet another filter.

In addition to resulting into a significant money saving, this feature makes Quick stabilizers suitable also for refitting installations.

The world’s largest range

Another winning point of this product is certainly the range. There is a MC2 Quick Gyro for every boat on the market: small, medium and large-sized boats, fishing and recreational vessels, wide and narrow boats with 12 DC, 120 and 220 AC systems.


Having the right model for your boat is essential and Quick’s range extension, the world’s largest one, allows to always install the most suitable model of the proper size.

Quick’s long experience in multiple installations, particularly on large yachts, allows to distribute or partialize the strengthing power of this system in a very intelligent way.

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