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Quick USA, Quick Spa’ branch in the US, conquers the 2020 FLIBS with its lines of nautical equipment

quick usa 2020 flibs equipment lineQuick USA, Quick Spa’ branch in the US, brought its broad display of Italian manufactured products to the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS) and was pleased that it did.

Boat shows are very important for our exposure as people need to see the product,” said Michele Marzucco, President and CEO of Quick Spa. The company created its impressively large traditional booth with moderate cut-backs due to the social distancing requirements and staffing. The team was stringent on all the rules, including wearing masks, as it wanted to ensure a successful, yet safe show, despite many of the less-than-compliant visitors, according to Michele Marzucco. “We thought it would be difficult, but we did get good traffic,” he said.

While the company’s equipment seemed to be more prevalent on more manufacturers’ dashes at this show, that seemed especially true on European builds. Michele Marzucco said that the brand is gaining increased visibility in the U.S., especially as people are researching gyroscopic stabilizers that are being used on more boats of all sizes. Among many Quick’s advantages: having a smaller footprint, being air-cooled rather than water-cooled, eliminating plumbing installation and running on both A/C and D/C power.

At the 2020 FLIBS, Quick USA also presents the stabilizers’ wide range

quick gyroSince Quick Gyro stabilizers are equipped with a mass revolving on a horizontal axis, they are more compact, and the newer MC2 Quick Gyro X2 and X3 stabilizers were created for smaller boats; (the former for day cruisers and center consoles and the latter made for sportfish and small cabin cruisers). They offer versatility to boat owners and manufacturers and utilize only 40-60 amps that can draw from house batteries. Larger yachts, up to 120+ feet can use the X5, X7 or X13 models and can even use multiples when needed. Since the units do not need plumbing for water cooling, they can be place virtually anywhere in the boat or yacht.

However, beyond stabilizers, Quick is known for its thrusters, LED marine lighting, windlasses, anchoring systems, water heaters and other marine accessories – all with standard fittings – and has been a force in the industry since 1983. In addition to its sales headquarters in the U.S., the company also has a sales headquarters in the UK and manufactures over 5,000 parts in over 60 countries around the world and is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

One of Quick’s newest sales advantages is QNN, a network system, compatible with all next-gen plotters, such as Simrad, Garmin, Furuno and Raymarine-branded ones. A special App allows to view and interact, directly on your chartplotter through a dedicated interface, all the Quick devices installed on board.

Retrofits, replacement and adding new systems are a major portion of Quick’s business says Michele Marzucco, citing the recent rush in pre-owned boat sales and the number of existing boaters who are opting to update their boats rather than buy in this current sellers’ market.

People are doing a lot of research online on our web site www.quickitaly.com, but some of them still want to see the product to fully understand,” stated Michele Marzucco, “Boat builders know us, and we’ve been growing the American market. We’d like to do an East Coast (U.S.) show in the first quarter of 2021”.

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