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Cayman 23.0 Sport: the sea trial of the new boat by Ranieri International

Ranieri International boats rhyme with quality, ranieri-cayman-23-sport-bowreliability and speed. That’s why, when we had the opportunity to test the new Cayman 23.0 Sport, we did not hesitate, since we want to have yet another confirmation of the care and passion the Italian shipyard put in the construction of its innovative inflatable boats, designed with great attention to details, beautiful to see and exciting to drive.

The Cayman 23.0 Sport is not exception. This 2020/21 novelty was officially presented at the last Genoa Boat Show together with two other new entries of the Maxi Rib range – the 26.0 Sport and the 28.0 Executive – and the new Next 285 LX from the sundeck collection.

We got acquainted with the 23.0 Sport in the Marina di Varazze on a beautiful early autumn day and, during that one hour on board, we had a lot of fun, with the wind in our faces and the adrenaline rushing.

Functional, versatile and with refined design

ranieri-cayman-23-sport-suzuki-175-hpThe look of the Cayman 23.0 Sport is so dynamic that, just at looking at her from the dock, our mind starts racing even before climbing on board and starting that Suzuki 175HP engine that is looking forward to making us fly.

Featuring an overall length of around 7 meters and a maximum width of almost three, the 23.0 Sport is a definitively spacious registration-free boat, capable of accommodating up to 16 people.

Today, there’s two of us, which means that we can better verify the performance of this agile, lightweight (dry displacement is 700 kg) and easily trailerable jewel.

A practical and aesthetic element, available throughout the Cayman range, which therefore could not be missing on the 23.0 Sport and that we particularly like is the set of efficient and elegant grab handles along the tubes, which further confirm the great safety of the boats designed by Ranieri International, which does not give up design even in the layout of the most functional accessories. The version we tested was fitted with Artic Grey tubes with black-coloured inserts and Antilope luxury upholstery.

In addition to being ranieri-cayman-23-sport-top-viewsafe and refined, the Cayman 23.0 Sport is also comfortable and versatile.

The boat features two sundecks: one in the bow, the other in the comfortable living area, when the stern backrest is lowered. A tilting table, positioned behing the stand-up console, makes the stay on board even more convivial.

The central section of the deck houses a large helm station, protected by a small windwcreen with a stainless steel handrail, which we are certain we will grab in a few minutes, as soon as the pilot will push the throttle forward.

The pilot seat consists of two boolster armchairs with eveloping arms, usable as comfortable lumbar supports when driving standing.

Sea trial: great responsiveness and surprising stability

ranieri-cayman-23-sport-turnWe’re off the dock, we finally cast off. What we’re about to discover is the pleasure of sailing on a Rib, as well as the instant contact with the sea that only an inflatable boat can offer. The Cayman 23.0 Sport offers more: dynamism, fun, a total control of the boat and a high level of comfort even at high speed.

At 2,000 rpm and around 8 knots, the boat gets up on plane.

Every time we accelerate, the Rib responds without hesitation and with stunning stability: although the sea is flat today, the risk of losing control of the boat is high, especially when traveling at 25 knots, which is a rather high cruising speed in relation to the size of this boat.

Sure, the co-pilot ranieri-cayman-23-sport-left turnis adviced to hold on the windscreen handaril at this speed, but the hull keeps a surprising stability even when performing sudden and tight turns. Then, when we cross our return wake at 25 knots, the hull does not hesitate and cuts the trajectory in two decisively, generating almost imperceptible, or in any case very soft, jolts.

Before pushing the Suzuki to the maximum, we take a look at the trail behind us. It is perfeclty clean and neat. Furthemore, the tubes efficiently prevent any water spray from entering the deck, offering a great comfort on board.

Now, it’s time to get real: we adjust the trim, push the gas throttle all forward and, at 5,000 rpm, we finally reach a top speed of 32 knots, with a fuel consuption of 48.6 l/h. Really great, considering the engine option installed.

Who knows what performance would have been registered with a 250HP propulsion (maximum power installable) but we can say that we are already satisifed with what the Cayman 23.0 Sport has just shown us. This Rib that could not be sportier.


Ranieri Cayman 23.0 Sport: Performance

RPM Knots L/h L/nm
600 2 0.7 0.3
1,000 4 2 0.5
1,500 6 4.7 0.8
2,000 8.3 7.6 0.9
2,500 10 11.8 1.1
3,000 15 19.4 1.3
3,500 20 22.9 1.2
4,000 25 24.5 0.9
4,500 27.2 35.8 1.3
5,000 32 48.6 1.5


Ranieri Cayman 23.0 Sport: Technical Specs

LOA 2.80 m
Tube Diameter 0.60 m
Tube Compartments 5
Passengers Capacity
Weight 700 kg
Minimum Engine Power 100 HP
Maximum Engine Power 250 HP
Fuel Tank Capacity 200 l
Water Tank Capacity 45 l
EC Design Category B

ranieri-cayman-23-sea trial 2

Click here  to visit the page dedicated to Ranieri International boats on our Virtual Boat Show.



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