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After Cannes and Genoa, the new flagship by Ranieri International joined Nautic Paris Boat Show, where she literally make many yachtsmen turn their heads. Partially because of her 800 HP hung on her transom, partially because of her happy placement in pavilion 4 and certainly thanks to her aggressive Italian-style lines, Next 370 SH piqued the curiosity of visitors, willing to wait in line to see one among the most popular boats of the event. ranieri international next 370 sh

Ranieri International’s range is getting larger fast and Next 370 is the crown jewel of a fleet which includes 31 fiberglass boats and 11 ribs ranging from 4.50 up tp 11.50 m, divided into five different sub-ranges. In Paris, we met and interviewed Salvatore Ranieri.

Even though already presented at some previous events, your latest creation continues to collect interest and curiosity. What are the secrets of this boat?

First of all, anyone loving sailing cannot fail to be surprised by the fact that this boat, with an overall length of 11.50 m, is approved in A category with a capacity of 12 passengers. Any other boat of the same category can boast this result. This is the first indicator of the quality and robustness of our boats.  

ranieri international next 370 sh nautic salone di parigiYour boats are also well-known for their waterlines, aren’t they?

Yes, they are. Our bottoms are really unique and Next, too, is provided with a double redan. The advantages of our waterlines are evident: shortest time to surf, greater maximum speed, great stability and absolute comfort. Moreover, everything on our boats is made in Italy and produced within our yard, design and project included.

Being pushed by two Verado 400 R engines, like on the model exhibited here, will certainly ensure great performances, won’t it?

That is the most powerful motorization available, which allows to reach a maximum speed of 50 knots. However, the most favorite solution envisages two 300 HP outboards. In this case, the maximum speed will reach 44 knots, while the cruising one will be 25 knots.ranieri international next 370 sh nautic salone di parigi

In addition to her high-quality materials and excellent performances, this boats also astonishes for her interiors…

I suppose so. Each centimetre is put to the best use: it’s not by chance that we are the only yard able to offer, on boats of this size and category, two large cabins, one of which is completely separated by the central living zone.

In conclusion, can you tell us  something about your upcoming news?

It’s a bit early…. for the moment, we’re getting ready for the next Düsseldorf Boat Show. We’ll unveil the first details of our new models only next spring. But what I can guarantee is that we’ve lots of upcoming news which concern our entire production.


Ranieri International Next 370 sh

Ranieri Next  370 SH – Technical details


ShipbuilderMotonautica F.lli Ranieri Srl – Loc. Caldarello, 88068 Soverato (CZ) – info@ranieri-international.com
Tel. (0039) 0967 25839  –  Fax.(0039) 0967 528385- www.ranieri-international.com

Overall length 11.50 m

Maximum Width 3.00 m

Beds 5

Displacement 4500 Kg

Passengers Capacity 12 (A) – 14 (B)

Motorization 1 or 2 FB XXL, max 800 HP

Fuel Tank 1000 l

Water Tank 200 l

Basic Price €145.000 (only boat), VAT excluded



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