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Go fishing with the augmented reality viewing is even easier. Raymarine presents Go-2-Fish, the new version of the popular Wi-Fish mobile App for Dragonfly, which now includes, for the first time in the world of marine accessories, the augmented reality technology.

Go-to-Fish raymarine realta aumentataThanks to this special update, the precise positions of your saved waypoints are shown on the live camera feed. Thanks to the augmented reality viewing, after selecting the target among your favourite fishing sports, Go-2-Fish will help you to navigate right to them so that you can exclusively focus on fishing. Moreover, the new App offers a Map function and the waypoint synchronisation.

Let’ see together the main features of the new App.

First of all, the App is totally free and can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Android Market (the minimum requirements are iOS8/Android 4.0). It is perfectly compatible with the Dragonfly 4-PRO, 5-PRO and 7-PRO models provided with v12.10 software and waypoint sharing. All 3G devices equipped with GPS and gyro ensure a complete functionality.

For the first time, the augmented viewing technology has entered the world of marine accessories and it works a little like the popular Pokemon GO App. In practice, you only have to turn your smartphone camera on and select the area you are interested to: the saved waypoints will appear on the selected image. So, in order to locate a waypoint, you won’t need to read the map and link what you see on your display with what you see with your naked eye: on the contrary, all you have to do is to connect your smartphone for a live view.

Go-to-Fish raymarine realta aumentataMoreover, the update introduces new screenshots which can be displayed on your smartphone: not only Sonar and DownVision  but also a new screenshot showing a basic map, the list of your saved waypoints and, of course, that with the augmented reality.

Go-to-Fish raymarine realta aumentataFor Dragonfly PRO devices equipped with embedded GPS, the reference points can be created on Dragonfly system or directly on the App. This way, the waypoints will be synchronised  between the two devices.

In case of Wi-Fish module (without GPS), the new App will allow to say waypoints anyway by using the GPS antenna of your smartphone. This means that Wi-Fish, too, can display the DownVision screenshot and fix a point when something interesting is found. Waypoints will be thus displayed on your smartphone, on both the basic map and the augmented viewing screenshot.

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