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In recent months, Raymarine has been very active and it has proposed many new products and updates. From increasingly user-friendly radar devices, to the new operating system with innovative functions, from cameras to thermal cameras and autopilot update. All these news will be at Genoa International Boat Show, from September 20th to 25th (pavilion upper B – Electronics – Stand Y1).

Quantum_Radar_Top_FrontNew Radar CHIRP Wireless Quantum™ is a very innovative tool. Thanks to its CHIRP impulse compression technology, long and short-range, all targets are clearer and more identifiable. Installation is simple: once input cables are connected, the integrated wi-fi system will interface with any multifunction display provided with Raymarine LightHouse II.

New Lightouse R17 operating system has new functions (update is free and compatible with all Raymarine multifunction displays: aSeries, cSeries, eSeries, eS Series and gS Series). In agreement with Navionics, users can enjoy new Autorouting dock-to-dock, a function which traces safe courses even in troubled situations ( narrow passages, channels, etc..) on the basis of cartographic and bathymetric data and navigation tools. SonarChart™ Live creates, real-time, personal HD bathymetric maps with lines every 0.5 m. New Advanced Maps, designed for fishermen, allow to customise Navionics maps view: you can select low bottoms or particular fishing areas and set the density of SonarChart™ bathymetric lines.

Always for Raymarine devices provided with Lighthouse R17 operating system, there is GRIBweather, an App which displays weather forecast (up to seven days) on a basic map. In agreement with Theyr, weather maps are automatically downloaded on the display through a simple wi-fi connection.

raymarine grib meteo

Moreover, Raymarine has presented Ocean Scout TK, a small light thermal camera which records pictures through heat measurement. Ocean Scout TK allows to see obstacles, objects and people up to 119 metres: boats, buoys, fish, coastal structures, channels and harbour entrances. Ocean Scout TK memorises up to 1000 pictures and records thermal videos. It uses litium batteries and it has a 5-hour-autonomy.

With CAM210 and CAM220 cameras, it is possible to create an on-board monitoring system in a very easy way. Through a simple plug-and-play connection, they communicate immediately with all Raymarine multifunction displays. They are both high definition and good for day and night view.CAM210                                                                    CAM 210                                                                                          

Finally, Raymarine has launched new Evolution autopilot R4 version, tested by Andrea Mura during his long races this year. The autopilot is now more precise and reactive, with better interface and calibration.




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