Rio Yachts Colorado 44

Rio Yachts Colorado 44. Seaworthiness and beauty are standard. Sea trial in the beautiful waters of Procida.

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Sea Trial: Rio Yachts Colorado 44

If it is true that boats have Colorado 44 Sea triala soul, the Colorado 44′ s one definitively embodies that of a beautiful woman who, with her thin, slender, sporty silhouette, shows off a natural classy charm. This is at least what I feel when, once arrived in Pozzuoli and climbed down the jetty, I lay my eyes on the boat we are about to test.

I’m welcomed by the owner, a highly experienced yachtsman who, having had lots of boats, arrived at the Colorado 44 after an thorough research.  Fabio sails thousands of miles every year and he perfectly knows what he wants. He looked for a boat manufactuer which could meet his several customization requests and which could offer a model with wide outdoor spaces.

Rio Yachts Colorado 44 sea trialThese are at least the “technical” reasons which led him to Rio Yachts where, as is well-known, boats are built with a very high customization level.

But then, as is always the case, he saw the Colorado 44 and, as much as she met his needs, I felt in love and bought her.

The following is a very special sea trial because, partly because of the beauty of this yacht, partly because we’re headed to Procida, I can hardly focus on the test I have to carry out.

Rio Yachts Colorado 44 – Sea Trial

As soon as we climb on board, the first thing that impresses us is the wide surface on the main deck which, with no steps or height differences, stretches from the stern to the coachroof.

The Colorado 44 is a pure open boat where, when the glass door is completely open, the sense of space is really amazing and makes you feel on board a 50-footer.

This version, as an additional evidence of the considerable customization capacity of the shipyard, is fitted with twin Volvo Penta IPS 600 435hp engines which, requested by the owner, benefit from an engine room that, in terms of arrangement and size, is a small masterpiece of naval engineering.

Rio Yachts Colorado 44 Luca D'AmbrosioAs soon as we go out of the port, we’re welcomed by a long wave of medium height, as inevitable after days of bad weather. The Colorado 44 sails slowly, with no roll, while we arrange our camera equipment.

I station myself at the controls and I start speeding up gently, the yacht starts planing at 11/2 knots and achieves its sailing trim.

The long wave we encounter is perfect to test the real qualities of the hull that, despite the wide spaces it offers inside, proves to be extremely soft at sea, it never crashes against the wave, not even when we speed up.

I’m intrigued, so I accelerate and start my maneuvers. Colorado 44 at seaA series of turns, progressively more tighter, gives me a feeling of safety and seaworthiness.

I try to put the boat on the spot by opening up the throttle while we’re still in tight turn but the Colorado 44 remains perfectly stable and follows her trajectory unperturbed.

I perform a series of fast turns and counter turns and, again, the hull reacts perfectly, it is even responsive despite the fifteen tons we’re carrying around.

Rio Yachts Colorado 44 planingI ask the owner how he is getting along with the Colorado 44 and he answers that, living in Naples, he uses his boat throughout the year, in any weather condition, even if the sea is no joke here. When summer holidays come, Fabio likes sailing the Mediterranean, so his ideal boat is, first of all, a seaworthy boat.

I test the top speed, 32.7 knots, not bad considering that the IPS power is the lowest option among the different ones offered by the shipyard.

Conversely, these engines provide us with a wide range of cruising speeds that, combined with hull qualities, allow to sail long distances with very low consumption levels.

The acceleration test unveils another funny Colorado 44 sea trial Marina di Corricellaside of the Colorado 44: she goes out of water within 5 seconds and touches 20 knots in little less than 11 seconds, which is a really surprising performance for a yacht of this size.

After about 20 minutes of maneuvers, where all my attempts to put this yacht in difficulties proved to be useless, I assign the controls to the owner who is completely satisfied of the test we’ve just performed.

But that’s not all because the owner has a surprise in store for us; he heads towards Corricella, an enchanting fishing village situated north-east of Procida and he takes us to lunch in a special place.

Gracefully, we enter the “Marina di Corricella” which is actually no more than a groups of rocks sheltering the most ancient fishing village of Procida.

Colorado 44, owner

Here, it’s like the time has stopped and the village welcomes us with its colorful picturesque houses.

Fabio maneuvers with no problem and docks near some fishing boats.

Once ashore , I turn back to look “Otra Vez” and I smile while I instantaneously understand the meaning of the name chosen by the owner for his Colorado 44.

Colorado 44 – Description

The beauty of the Colorado 44 is Colorado 44 saloonnot limited to the aesthetics of lines; the attention the shipyard has paid to interiors arrangement is noteworthy. Fine wood essences and luxury upholstery play touching each other on the main deck and below deck, where refined colour combinations enhance a study of spaces that gives continuity to the sense of freedom you can commonly find on “open” boats.

The cockpit sofa ideally continues its course even inside the main deck, faced by a linear galley. When not in use, the latter disappears, integrating with the saloon design.

The pilot station marks the starboard border of the living area while, on the port side, the sofa delimits the access to the sleeping quarters without stretching out to the windscreen with a solution which contributes to significantly increase the sense of space, both from the top down and vice versa.

Below deck, the hallway creates the entrances to three cabins and two bathrooms that benefit from a lot of space on the lower deck. There is no difference between the master and the VIP cabin since both feature high-level fittings, instant access to the bathrooms and even the same size. The choice is yours.

Personally, I’d prefer the astern cabin that, leaning on the four-meter beam of the Colorado 44, offers wide lateral spaces as well as a nice view on the sea surface thanks to its large windows.

Sleeping quarters are completed by a bunk-bedded cabin, perfect both to accommodate other two guests and to preserve the large volumes of the upper deck.

In short, the Colorado 44 is a well-conceived yacht Colorado 44 sea trial, cabinthat boasts a great attention to details, uncluttered surfaces and a level of craftsmanship that, if considered together with the customization capacity of the shipyard, puts this boat at the highest levels of the market.

With a basic price of € 535,000, the Rio Yachts Colorado 44 benefits from a highly interesting quality/price ratio, an aspect that an experienced owner, like our Fabio, can perceive immediately.


Rpm Speed L/h L/nm
600 3.3 3 0.91
1,000 4.5 8 1.78
1,500 8 21 2.63
2,000 10.5 40 3.81
2,250 13.7 65 4.74
2,500 16.6 86 5.18
2,750 20.3 107 5.27
3,000 25.1 136 5.42
3,200 32.7 178 5.45
Minimum planing speed 11.3
Acceleration from 0 to 11.3 4.53
from 0 to 20 11.24
from 0 to 32,2 21.73

Technical Specs

LOA  14.11 m
Max beam 4.05 m
Unladen Displacement 12.5 tons
Passengers Capacity 12
Fuel Capacity 1,250 l
Water Capacity 330 l
Berths 5+1
Bathrooms 2
CE Category B
Designer Marino Alfani
Engine Options
Brand Volvo Penta
Model  IPS 600
Supply Diesel
Power  2×435 HP (2x320kw)
Brand Volvo Penta
Model  QSB 6.7
Supply Diesel
Power 2×480 HP (2×358 kw)

Colorado 44 galley

Colorado 44 master cabin


Colorado 44 layout

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