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” That’s a Mediterranean boat with the typical character of those vessels I’ve always loved since I was child and I spent my holidays in Phlegrean islands”. These were the words used by Marino Alfani, the designer of the new Rio Yachts Spider 40, the day before our sea trial to tell us the thoughts that had supported the concept of this new yachts spider 40

And, indeed, the first impression we had while looking at this pure open from the roof garden of the Circolo Canottieri of Naples was that of a movie whose plot results from the combination of different emotions. The memories of the past and the view of the future of a young designer, the Rio Yachts’ ability to transform over 50 years of history and experience into a boat that becomes both a witness of this history and a young explorer of the future. The Spider 40 has the merit of gathering these different emotions and make them harmonious.


The boat

Characterized by a reverse sheer, sleek and sporty lines, the Spider 40 is the highest expression of a pure open in rio yachts spider 40 navigazionefull respect of traditional standards. However, she is able to be a witness of our time through a series of innovative design and construction elements and particolar details that outline a modern character. The wide stern swimming platform, for instance, creates a continuum between the sea and the boat and fully meets the needs of the ideal owner of the Spider who desires a boat to enjoy his daily outings, to drop the anchor and come back home at night while benefiting from a great deal of space and absolute comfort levels that only a modern boat can offer.

Spaciousness and comfort are the main players in the wide cockpit, too, furnished with two sofas, a storable table, a large modular sun pad in the bow section and a wet bar equipped with refrigerator and burners.

Particular emphasis on the modern character of the Spider 40 is also given by the dashboard that, even though it is not a judgement particularly loved by the designer, is definitely inspired by supercars. A little vintage, the windshield is, however, perfectly implemented into the classic lines of the deckhouse and the deck.

rio yachts spider 40 consolle rio yachts spider 40 consolle cucina

Another strength of this boat is the balanced ratio between sizes and living spaces. The 13-metre overall length is, in fact, perfectly combined with a maximum beam of 3.70 metres and a waterline height of 2.41 metres: beyond impressions, proportions actually represent the reason of the sporty character of the Spider 40.

However, the wide cockpit and spacious interiors make this boat extremely comfortable, perfect to enjoy the sea without renouncing comfort below deck. And since numbers and volumes don’t expand, both ergonomics and comfort of a cockpit like the Spider 40’s one result from excellent design capabilities and a solid construction ability.

rio yachts spider 40 rio yachts spider 40



The Spider 40 was designed to enjoy the sea during the day, in the open air and rio yachts spider 40 armatorialeto experience exciting quick transfers towards small coves and bays where to sunbathe or bathe. However, this boat doesn’t preclude the possibility of longer cruises. Interior arrangement is specifically devoted to long-range cruises: they indeed include two cabins, a bathroom and a dinette in the middle furnished with a beautiful sofa.

Simple design characterizes interior furniture and, above all, enhances the functionality of the volumes obtained below deck. In this respect, we think that this boat can be a trustworthy travel companion in short cruises for four people who can count on spaciousness and appreciable privacy levels. Absolutely remarkable is the owner’s cabin, located in the bow, whose sizes are worthy of a much bigger hull.

rio-yachts-spider 40 salonerio-yachts-spider 40 salone dettaglio


Sea trial

Our sea trial has allowed us to appreciate the hull and the real qualities of this Spider 40. Although waves reached 1.5-2 metres during the test, we managed to measure both speed and fuel consumption at all speeds, including the top one of 34 knots. In this case, the burden of the 50 years’ experience of the boatyard is all there, along with th stock of concepts, tests and improvements carried out by the Rio Yachts in-house design office.

rio-yachts-spider 40 navigazioneMore specifically, the progressive fuel consumption curve proved the presence of an extremely flat hull whose design allows to face the sea without compromising performances.

As already mentioned, the maximum speed we reached in rough sea conditions was 34 knots, that is 3 knots less than that declared by the boatyard, probably measured in much less harsh conditions.

Unfortunately, an undeniable limit is represented by the noise in the cockpit, amplified by the proximity of the stern seat to the engine room, a solution that – at least in our opinion – would deserve a specific intervention to improve soundproofing.

On the contrary, seaworthiness and fuel consumptions are extraordinary. At a cruising speed of 26 knots and 2,800 rpm, the boat used just 76 liter per hour. Equally remarkable is the fuel consumption curve, always low even when revs increase: at 300 rpm, at a speed of almost 30 knots, consumption was just 86 l/h before reaching 112 l/h at 3,430 rpm and 34 knots.

As for handling, even in the event of thigh sudden turns, the hull fo the Spider 40 was always prompt, stable and reactive with no oscillations.

In conclusion, we can say that the Spider 40 is a real Mediterranean boat, able to stand up to any caprice the Mare Nostrum holds for us even in summer.

Technical Specifications

Length Overall 13.00 m
Beam 3.70 m
Draft 0.63 m
Waterline height 2.41 m
Dry weight 8,000 Kg
Passenger Capacity 12
Fuel Tank Capacity 1000 l
Water Tank Capacity 300 l
Accommodation 2+2
Bathroom 1
Construction Material fberglass
Motorization Turbodiesel Volvo Penta
Model D4-300
Cylindres 4
Displacemnt 3.500 cc
HP Power 2×300 (2×221 Kw)
Rpm 3.500 rpm
Transmission System DPS
Weight with inverter Kg 2 x 663




Rpm Speed (knots) Consumption (l/h)
1800 10.4 40
2000 13 42
2200 14.7 54
2400 19.4 62
2600 22 72
2800 26.6 76
3000 29.7 86
3200 32 100
3430 max 34 112

Conditions of the test

The sea trial was carried out in the Gulf of Naples with 15-knot libeccio, rough/very rough sea, 5 passengers, fuel tank at 50% and water tank at 50%.

rio-yachts-spider 40 navigazione rio-yachts-spider 40 prua



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