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If you like listening to music, you certainly have a good “dowry” of mp3 on your mobile phone. However, music sharing can get problematic and not successful in terms of audio quality. Riviera Genova has solved this problem in a simple way. For boat audio systems, it has created an audio amplifier which receives the audio signal via Bluetooth and sends it to laud-speakers with the power and neatness necessary to the best enjoyment of your music.

Bluethooth da barca Riviera Genova
One among the Riviera Genova Bluetooth boat amplifiers.

Boat Amplifier is a system equipped with 4 AB amplifiers outputting up to 110 Watt Rms (Root Mean Square, which is literally the root-mean square voltage and power value; in short, the power the amplifier can provide continuously, that is the musical Watts speakers read, indicates the peak values).

Regardless the power provided, all amplifiers act in the same way. A voltage converter transforms the electrical current from 12 up to about 50 Volt, a digital module processes the signal transmitted via Bluetooth ( transmitted within 10 metres) and an analog control card controls the signal sent both in terms of volume and frequency cut off.  In practice, you can connect up to four laud-speakers per channel (right and left) in order to choose how to distribute the amplified signal according to musical frequencies. This means that, by installing different speakers on board or even a subwoofer, we can have the best musical output in terms of sound fidelity even if our signal source is just a smartphone.

Una cassa Riviera Genova
A Riviera Genova speaker installed in a racer cockpit .

Consequently, there’s no need to install a radio or a remote system in the cockpit, for example. Especially on small boats, this translated into a significant saving of space and additional installations. Anyway, if you already have a traditional audio system on board and you only want to install an amplifier to improve performances, you can use the analog inputs or the Rca outputs to connect more amplifiers.

Cassa Riviera Genova con finitura carbonio.
A Riviera Genova speaker with carbon finish  

With the Bluetooth amplifier, Riviera Genova enlarges its already popular range, which includes many solutions. First of all, a series of waterproof speakers specifically conceived to stand hard conditions like those at sea, where humidity, water splashes of water and salt make the operation of all electric devices hard. And because not all the boats are the same and not all have a space for music, Riviera has differentiated its production to meet all needs.  So, it produces non-magnetic speakers, shielded in order to restrict the surrounding magnetic field and not affect the traditional compass; flat speakers, just 3 cm high, which can be installed in narrow spaces; and 200 W speakers for greater performances in terms of quality and power. Riviera extends its care to aesthetic  details, too. For example, laud-speakers are available in different colours and finishes, from white to root wood, from carbon to metal.

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