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A beautiful history of sailing and “difficult” guys. The Route of Legality is a project which aims to rehabilitate guys who have had some problems with law. Sailing becomes therapy. Roles, hierarchy, manoeuvring management, team spirit, all essential on a sailing boat, become a precious ingredient to help guys to rejoin society and have a role within it.

The Route of Legality celebrates its third edition this year. It is organized by New Sardiniasail, an amateur sports and social promotion club, active since 2013. It deals with social rehabilitation through socio-occupational activities, coastal and offshore races. It has its seat in Cagliari, Sardinia.

la rotta della legalitàSailing as a therapy is not a news – says Simone Camba, President of New Sardiniasail – a research made by the psychologist Emanuela Mencaglia (Humanitas society) shows that sailing is increasingly considered not only a recreational activity but also an important therapeutic support in social projects which want to help people who have different problems, from physical to psychic and social rehabilitation. Why does it work? Because on a sailing boat, group dynamics areamplified and a miniature society, with intense daily relationships, is reproduced.

The sea-adventure mixes with responsibility. Each member of the crew must take care of his and the other’s safety and roles and he must respect some precise rules and the captain’s orders. Moreover, we’ve realized that sports competitions increase participants’ interest and commitment”. is proud to be part of this project. In addition to races and cruises, guys will attend some advanced computer classes, where they will learn how to create a website and use Sem, Seo techniques and  social media. They will attend some journalism classes, too.

1La rotta della solidarietà

All this is possible thanks to the support offered by institutions, companies and associations. New Sardiniasail, in fact, works in collaboration with the Juvenile Justice Centre, the autonomous Region of Sardinia, Lega Italiana Vela, UVS, Osculati Spa and Raymarine Italia.

The Route of Legality 2017 has a rich programme of events:

May 2017. Roma per Tutti.
June 2017. 1000 vele per Garibaldi (1000 sails for Garibaldi)
June 2017. Vela Solidale  (Solidarity Sailing) (a charity sailing race organized by the pediatricians of Brotzu Hospital of Cagliari with a crew made up of autistic children)

July2017. (Solidarity sailing races in the Gulf of Cagliari with children and people with disabilities and poor children living in some care homes)

September/October/November 2017. Technical sailing races with students from the different nautical colleges of Sardinia, in collaboration with Lega Navale Italiana and Coast Guard.

Many other events are still being developed ( such as Rotary Cup, Cagliari-Carloforte race and Marisardegna 2017)





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