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Yacht destinations. Greece: a voyage to the cradle of European civilization

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Greece : yacht destinations to be discovered

Sailing offers many advantages, the most fascinating of which is the chance to find out new places, enjoy new itineraries and explore new territories all around the world. Today, we want to take you on the coasts of Greece, drawing a possible journey to the lands which have marked the beginning of European civilization. The itinerary is perfect for all classical antiquity enthusiasts but also for anyone looking for Edenic places where to sail and relax.

Parga Epirus
Parga, one among the most fascination cities in Epirus

Suppose we start our travel from Epirus, a region which bears the signs of the numerous dominations which have come in succession over the years. Aktion National Airport represents the best solution to explore Lefkada island and get the neighboring Preveza, one among the major town centres of the region. With about 30,000 inhabitants, the city was an important regional commercial centre for Venetian trade in the Middle Ages before coming under the domination of the Ottomans.

Acropolis Athens
The Acropolis of Athens

Western Greece offers a multitude of charming islands, from the touristic Corfu to the more austere Cephalonia. Maybe younger yachtsmen will opt for the beaches of Kavos while the more adventurous will set course for Asos. If you sail with a local, the latter can help you selecting the course which best suits your needs and time.

A good alternative is offered by the western region of Greece, where the Aegean Sea bathes the cities of Patras – the third largest city of Greece – and Corinth. A lot of miles to sail, varied landscapes and a visit to a historic archaeological site are very good reasons to choose this itinerary. The world-famous Temple of Apollo alone would be worth the whole holiday.

Corinth marks the beginning of another interesting itinerary across the Peloponnese. In this case, the best starting point is Athens, the capital city of Greece and the symbol of western culture and civilization. Every single place in the city deserves to be visited: the world-famous Parthenon in the Acropolis, the Academy – a real place of worship for all European philosophers – temples.. Maybe it would take longer than the whole life to know the city, let alone a holiday.

Crete Island

Like Corinth, Athens is a city of the Peloponnese but it faces the Aegean Sea and not continental Greece. So, we might consider having a more demanding holiday, departing from another island with a rich history: Crete. A travel to the cradle of European culture couldn’t fail to start from the Minoan civilization which, more than 5,000 years ago, laid the foundations for ancient history. The archaeological site of Knossos, situated just a few kilometers far from the coastline, is the best evidence of that time.

If, on the contrary, you want to have fun, a holiday to the Dodecanese Islands is the right option for you. Dreamy beaches and clear waters wink at all those who imagine summer as a break from everyday stress. Their position offers the chance to choose to approach to Greek reality or take a trip to the eastern world, by visiting Turkey. The city of Smirne is just a few miles away and it can be the right option to broaden your cultural horizons.

We have make you dream too much. Now, it’s time to come back to reality. After all, dreaming new itineraries is part of sailing. All of them can be easily found on our amazing online pilot book.

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