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Tiller 4.5 hides, where it’s not evident, the best of it: it has in fact a particular hull. It’s not only a small simple motorboat, ideal for inner waters. It has also a rather pronounced fore V, astern seagull wings, a not very deep but rather long central centerboard. The range includes the “flagship” (4.8 metres long) and the latest model (4 metres long). They are all small and narrow hulls but with a good static and dynamic stability.

On the market for some years, these Selva boats are still popular , especially for their very competitive prices. They are provided with Selva engines. In particular, the Tiller 4.5 we tested had a 9.9  HP fourstroke monocylinder, IMG_1760an engine particularly famous for its lightness, only 30 Kg. It’s the smallest engine among those proposed. As an alternative, you can have a fourstroke Wahoo engine ( 15 or 20 Hp). Prices start from 5,150 Euros for the version with 9.9 engine and they reach 6,590 and 6,660 Euros  (VAT included) for the other versions.IMG_2618

Among standard equipments, there is the traditional bar steering gear but you can have also a console with windscreen and cable steering gear, which, combined with the awning, makes the boat ideal for a picnics. This costs 589 Euros more than basic price.

In light of our sea trial, we can say that a 9.9 HP engine is good. In terms of speed, as you can imagine, there is nothing to tell, also because there is no rev counter on the boat. We reacIMG_1766hed a maximum speed of 10 knots. In general, we can say that, with two heavy people on board, the boat is not too fast. Stability is good and vibrations are acceptable.

We suggest 15 and 20 HP engines if you want to use Tiller 4.5 full-loaded.


Tiller 4.5 – Technical File

Project: Selva Marine Technical Office
Builder: Selva Marine
Italian Distributor : Commerciale Selva, 20099 Sesto San Giovanni (Mi) – Via Carducci 221. Tel. 02 26224546,
CE Planning Category: C
Materials: fiberglass
Overall Length: 4.50 m
Max Width: 1.63 m
Weight without engine: 220 kg
Max people: 4
Max Load: 450 kg
Max engine power: 25 HP
Engine used in our sea trial: 1 x FB  9.9 HP Selva Piranha  L
Engine weight: 30.5 kg
Fuel Tank: 12 l
Standard equipments: paddles, astern bench, stainless steel handrails, stainless windlass, chock.
Optionals: bathroom stepladder, mooring cover, pilot console with windscreen, pillows, wooden table.
Basic price and price of the tested boat: € 5,150. VAT included, with Selva Piranha 9.9 engine.


Minimum speed: 2.1 knots
Minimum gliding speed: 4.8 knots
Half throttle spped: 7.1 knots
Max speed: 10.6 knots

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