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The majestic beauty of that small part of the globe that goes from the Sorrento Peninsula to the island of Capri is undoubtedly unique in the world. Deep blue waters merge with high cliffs, interspersed with small fishing villages and colourful buildings that evoke the ancient people who have made their home here over the centuries.

If you areBoat holidays in caprilooking for a boat holiday in this wonderful region, you only have to take a couple of days and set out on your adventure.

Short and easy, the following itinerary is suitable for all crews, including the less experiences ones, and offers a unique sailing experience among the beauties of the Sorrento Coast.

The itinerary does not present particular risks. You just have to be careful of the intense tourist and recreational traffic that affects the area throughout the year, especially in summer.

The zone offers many ports, all well-sheltered against sirocco, while the most serious problems may come from south-west and north-west winds.

Vico EquenseThe itinerary also offers a good number of marinas while the places where it is possible to drop the anchor in safety are really few, due to the depth of the seabed, its mediocre holding ground and the intense maritime traffic.

One of the best starting points is Castellammare di Stabia, a town around 15 miles from the island of Capri.

Marina di Stabia and Porto Davide are two good options for yachtsmen.

The former is richer in services, the latter quieter and more private, both offering excellent shelter from the winds of the 1st and 2nd quadrant.

Setting sail from Castellammare and following the south-west direction, you will quickly reach Vico Equense, a charming gateway to the Sorrento Coast, famous for the thermal springs of the Scrajo and perched on a tufa relief, with many hills and Lattari mountains in the background.

Then Seiano, with its beautiful white-sand beaches.

Between Vico Esquense and Meta di Sorrento, in the southern part of Punta Scutolo, there is a safe anchorage with good protection against all winds, with the sole exception of those of the 4th quadrant.

Sailing Sorrentoalong a very picturesque stretch of coast, full of inlets, beaches and suggestive caves, you can reach Sant’Agnello, a charming village lying on a tufa cliff like many of the towns of the Sorrento Coast.
In Sant’Agnello there is a Nautical Consortium where you can take advantage of some floating piers and a multi buoy mooring terminal, with good shelter from sirocco.

Leaving Sant’Agnello on the left, Sorrento, one of the the most renowned and popular tourist resorts in Italy, appears. Here, you can enjoy a breath-taking view of the green pines and the historic buildings of the city, while Capri is getting closer.

A good mooring option is offered by Porto di Marina Piccola, a fully-equipped marina with many yachting services and good shelter from winds of the 2nd quadrant.

Capo Sorrento marks the entrance to the Punta Campanella Protected Marine Area, an area subject to special regulation, aimed at safeguarding the marine ecosystem of the area.

Forward, the bay of Puolo, a small charming and peaceful fishing village, is not a mass tourism destination. Here, you can find a small marina with good shelter from south-west winds.

Island of CapriGetting closer to Punta Campanella, you can reach Massa Lubrense. An ancient fishing village, it offers a small marina (Marina della Lobra), well sheltered from both sirocco and east winds and characterized by a beautiful series of charming coves and caves.

At this point, just a very few miles separate the Sorrento Peninsula from Capri.

The island attracts crowds of tourists every day and offers a unique landscape, where the blue of the sea blends with the green vegetation and the bright colors of the buildings. A stop at the Faraglioni and another in the Blue Grotto are unmissable appointments.

Capri offers just one marina, Marina Grande, in the norther side of the island, while the only safe place where to drop the anchor is in the south, in Marina Piccola, where you can enjoy a good shelter from north-west winds. However, the area is not suitable for staying at anchor in case of southern winds.


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