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“ Weather conditions will be critical in many zones of Italy“. Daniele Gallo, forecaster at Navimeteo, describes clearly the weather situation which will occur next Saturday and Sunday: strong winds, up to 40 knots, waves reaching up to 4 metres on the Tyrrheanian coasts and up to 8 metres on the Ionian coasts, especially in the Gulf of Taranto, possible high water in Venice pushed into the lagoon from sirocco which, on Sunday afternoon, will reach over 40 knots in the Adriatic Sea.

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The reason of this situation – Gallo explains – is a depression which on Saturday will move from Pyrenees to the Balearic Islands, combined with a new depression which will form in the Sicilian Channel at the end of Saturday to climb northward on Sunday. In particular, the Southern depression will cause strong winds and storms in the Tyrrhenian Sea might be very strong. Winds will have a cyclonic rotation and they will reach a typical storm power.

Even storms will be very strong in the North and in the Centre, along the Tyrrhenian coasts and, at Saturday night, in Campania, too.

The combined effects of the two depressions will be perceived at first on the Tyrrhenian coasts, especially between Liguria and Lazio, starting from Saturday morning. Then, after a short truce, sirocco will start to blow again. On Sunday, it will reach 50 knots in the Ionian and the Adriatic Sea. In the Gulf of Taranto, waves will reach 8-9 metres.

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On Monday, mistral will reach the Gulf of the Lion, Sardinia and Corsica, while a high pressure will be coming from western France and a depression will be moving from the Sicilian Channel. It won’t be the ideal day to sail in the Gulf of the Lion, since 4-metre waves will touch the eastern coasts of Sardinia, generated from very strong winds which will blow up to 60 knots in the middle of the Gulf.

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