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Sun Concept is a Portuguese start-up company which bases its business model on zero-environmental-impact sailing. And the SunSailer 7.0, the new electro-solar boat built by the shipyard, actually produces no pollution.

If used properly and with the right exposure to the sun light, the boat even produces no fuel costs thanks to a system of solar panels sufficient to charge batteries.

SunSailor 7.0 Sun concept energia solare
The SunSailor 7.0 Mt, the new electric boat built by the Portuguese Sun Concept start-up company.

SunSailer has the typical appearance of solar car prototypes, with a large horizontal surface where to accommodate solar panels which, in their turn, constantly charge on-board batteries.

During our encounter at the last Boot Düsseldorf,  Joao Basto, one of the founders of the society, explained to us: “The SunSailer 7.0 is an essential means designed to sail in calm, coastal and inner waters as well as in protected marine areas, where motorboats are usually not allowed to sail”.

SunSailor 7.0 Sun concept energia solare
I due Torqeedo da 2 Kw ciascuno che spingono il SunSailor 7.0.

The energy produced by four 12 V 500 A accumulators by using just 85% of the charge is sufficient to make the boat sail at 5 knots for about 9 hours. According to the shipyard, the maximum speed is 7 knots.

This efficiency is ensured not only by the two Torqeedo 2kW engines but also by a patented low holding-resistance hull which practically produces no wake, as proof of the very little amount of energy produced during transfers.

Compared with the width of the maximum beam, due to the presence of solar panels, the hull is surprisingly small.

SunSailor 7.0 Sun concept energia solare
Thanks to a draft of just 40 cm, the boat is a perfect tourist means.

Thanks to her features, the SunSailer is the ideal boat for workers. She is, for example, suited for those who drive tourists around in the above-mentioned areas or those who need to have lots of transfers at low speed.

Sun Concept proposes three different models: the Sunsailor 7.0, which can host up to 8 passengers; the MT version, equipped with a small superstructure which shades the cockpit (with seats for 12 people) while hosting some additional solar panels; and the Pro version, equipped with a protected console and a system of solar panels positioned on the long superstructure. In all cases, draft is just 40 cm: good to approach shore.

According to version and additional spaces, price ranges from 25 to 47 thousands euros.

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