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The Super Air Nautique G25 is a boat designed for fun in the widest sense of the word. Like many other (but not all) boats, it’s really funny to steer her and perceive her sudden accelerations and quick turns. But this boat has something more which is able to produce amusement even in those sailing nearby. No, it’s not a howler. G25 is, in fact, equipped with a technology able to generate waves which can be surfed by those following her.

Our encounter with this boat was totally random. She was our support boat during some sea trials in Miami some weeks ago. But her lines, together with her deck arrangement and bottom raised such a curiosity that quickly inspired us to test her. And here’s what we think.

super-air-nautique-g25-overheadThe boat

Built in USA, near Orlando, the boat has been designed to let people enjoy unforgettable days on fresh or salt water. With an abundant musical power (1000 watts in just 7 metres), she has a bottom designed to be used in all its centimeters. The deck has a design so well-structured that it might apparently seem too fragmented. Enjoying her at sea, on the contrary, offers a pleasant sensation of free space and easy movement aboard. The passage from stern to bow, possible thanks to two doors with no strain or juggling, is a small masterpiece.

Placed along the hull perimeter, seats are comfortable, safe and with many lockers.

But what makes this boat really different from all the others is, as we already said, her bottom, able to create perfect waves for wakeboarders. Equipped with three ballasts, it creates a perfect wave for surfers. Moreover, the electronic system allows to choose the navigable side of the wave, while the other, of course, will crash.

Loading the 1,300 liters of water aboard takes about two minutes during which the boat gradually plunges up to the point where the hull creates the profile to “build” the wave we will have chosen in advance among the different options available on the electronic control panel.Super Air Nautique G25

Sea trial

In the recreational mode (with no ballasts), the Super Air G25 is a motorboat which seems to offer the same performances of a racing kart. Fast and reactive, she reaches the maximum speed ( 35 knots) in less than 25 seconds.

Pushed by a 6.2 l 550 HP PCM engine, the boat ensures a really peppery acceleration and an “automotive” motor sound which recalls a Mustang’s one.

In our narrowest turns, we found her a little “light” but, of course, she has not been designed for that.Super Air Nautique G25 wake board

After our test, we want to verify her efficiency terms of “production of waves“. Miami Nautique International technicians don’t need an invitation and they accept to show us how easily this boat switches to the “wake board” mode. We use ballasts and the boat slowly plunges and reaches the point we had previously selected through the driving console.

Super Air Nautique G25 wake boardIn this mode, the Super Air G25 automatically limits speed to the set value which, in our case, pushes the boat to about 9 knots. Aaron, an assistant of the yard, goes into the water with his board and we push throttles ahead. The boat speeds up, made heavier by the ballast while the “wave plate” moves into action. The latter is a particular surface, patented by the yard, embedded into the bottom in order to produce the “surfable” wave. Immediately after, a perfect wave is generated and our testman starts to surf.

After an hour of manoeuvres, we stop and start emptying ballasts. This time, of course, the operation takes more time than the previous one: about 10 minutes.

We finish our day by using the Super Air G25 as support boat again. Despite the stress test, she reveals no signs of weariness and she always gives us a certainly positive impression.

Technical Specifications

Length Overall 25′ (7.62 m)
Length with Platform 27′ 3″ (8.30 m)
Lifting Ring Spacing – 23′ 6.25″ (7.24 m)
Beam 102″ (2.59 m)
Draft 25″ (0.64 m)
Dry Weight – Peso a secco 6,400 lbs (2,903 kg)
Fuel Capacity 83 Gallons (314.2 L
Maximum Capacity 19 People (2,800 lbs/1,270 kg)
Horsepower Range 450, 550 HP (336, 410 kW)
Torque Range . 465, 545 lb-ft (630, 739 N·m)
Gear Reduction Ratio 2.0:1
Maximum Factory Ballast Capacity 2,850 lbs (1,293 kg)

Super Air Nautique G25

Super Air Nautique G25

Super Air Nautique G25

Super Air Nautique G25



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