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The new digital magazine is born

The International Yachting Media widens its editorial offer, On the homepage, the exclusive interview with designer Sergio Cutolo luca d'ambrosioThe International Yachting Media, the international yachting digital portal, launches a new magazine: The new initiative takes life from the important know-how of our editorial reality that focuses on the reader and the quality of contents.

The magazine responds to a specific request of our readers, who were asking for an appropriate container for the world of superyachts, capable of gathering, in a single luxury dedicated showcase, publications, news and sea trials of the giants of the sea, namely all the yachts from 24 to over 100 meters in length.

The role of media, and more specifically that of digital ones, is increasingly evident today and the growing success of The International Yachting Media is a clear proof of this – says Luca D’Ambrosio, CEO of the publishing houseNot surprisingly, in a time when many are taking the path of containment, we have instead chosen to invest in the launch of a new international magazine, which adds a prestigious container to our already wide editorial offer”.

sergio cutolo debuts with an exclusive interview with Sergio Cutolo, an internationally renowned yacht designer who presents his latest extraordinary explorer yacht. “ Fitted with hybrid propulsion, the Vanguard is a perfect universe that can sail the oceans in complete self-sufficiency. However, this superyacht not only represents an important technological cornerstone; it is, also and above all, the quintessence of beauty: on the Vanguard, function is perfectly intertwined with design”, says Sergio Cutolo (click here to read the full article).

Published in Italian and English, the new magazine brings the care and spectacluraity of paper images, as well as the graphic layout of a glossy magazine, to the Web. is designed to offer a rich, pleasant and functional experience, made user-friendly by a graphic interface that, initially created for the Mobile, was subsequently adapted for desktop use. articlesThe magazine opens with a gallery of superyachts headline news, illustrated with high-impact full-screen images. Every photo refers to specific contents. With the first scroll, the reader enters the “superyachts” section, the heart of the magazine with the latest news from the market. A special focus is dedicated to concepts, a very popualr topic among design enthusiasts. Additional sections are dedicated to lifestyle, boat launches, destinations and news. The apex of involvement is reached with the videos, often produced, like photographic services, by our editorial staff. is the sixth magazine and the seventh website of The International Yachting Media. The company was born in 2014 from the digital start-up incubator of Luca D’Ambrosio that found, in the digital world, an opportunity to be seized in the context of the boating market, where Italy is the world’s first global exporter, followed only by the United States.

Since the beginning, our company has targeted developing an innovative and unique model, proposing a free news distrribution approach based on a single worldwide news broadcasting system, a multi-channel, web and social system designed for the nautical and luxury market, a sector that certainly wishes to communicate globally, reaching an audience of readers with a high purchasing power.

Today, our editorial group publishes six magazines, including 4 web magazines – for the Italian market, for the Spanish-speaking countries, for the English-speaking countries and Every web magazine has its own domain which can be accessed directly from the pages you are consulting. magazines the international yachting media

Every portal offers 12 thematic sections where every owner or yachting enthusiast can find his way around his own interests. Among them, the online Pilot book, the largest and most consulted pilot book in Europe, stands out with a complete indication of ports and anchorages in different countries, as well as accessories, destinations and pages dedicated to the used boat market.

azzamPublished quarterly, The International Yachting Media Digest is an out-of-the-box magazine providing the most important articles published on our web magazines, now enhanced by the use of multimedia content, large images and intertextual links.

With more than 900 thousand views in over 200 countries per week, the International Yachting Media is one of the world’s most widely read digital boating magazines. Around 80% of our audience is represented by boat owners while an important share is made up of captains and crew members who are among the leading influencers in the sector. Our public is mainly made up of men aged between 35 and over 50 (about 86%). From a geographical point of view, major coverage comes from Europe (around 53%) and the Americas (around 40%). Access to web magazines is mainly from organic research (over 50%).


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