Suzuki Marine Df 150 and 175 HP Dusseldorf


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At Boot Düsseldorf, Suzuki Marine exhibited its renovated class-leading outboards. Following the same concepts of the DF 200 AP motor, they are the 150 and 175 HP versions of the DF line. They complete the class-leading range of the brand and they are available in both a mechanical and electronic version. It’s a four-stroke in line four cylinder patrol Big Block with 16 VVT valves for a better supply at any speed, a 2.9 displacement and the same technological features of more powerful propulsion systems.

Suzuki Marine Df 150 Paolo Ilaruzzi
Paolo Ilaruzzi, Sales Manager of Suzuki Marine Italia.

Starting from the so-called Suzuki Selective Rotation system, first appeared on the 300 HP models and then used on the less powerful ones. Paolo Ilaruzzi, Sales Manager of the brand, explains: ” When a couple of motors is installed, a right-handed propeller and a left-handed one are required. This is why, until now, a “right” and a “left” engine were necessary. Today, our system allows to decide the rotation direction of the propeller axis. At that point, you only need to use the right propeller and the engine is ready to use”. This means that, for example, if you want to sell your used outboard, you don’t have to wait for someone looking for a propulsion system with the same lateral destination, which doubles the possibility to make the sale. Moreover, this system is able to manage important transmission ratios with no problem.

Like the rest of the Suzuki range, these motors, too, are provided with the Lean Burn system, which allows to use a leaner air/petrol mixture to the benefit of consumption and emissions. ” While sailing at cruising speed, engine revolutions range from 2000 to 2500″, says Ilaruzzi, “in these conditions, the fuel/air ratio entering the combustion chamber is 1/14, that is a portion of fuel every 14 ones of air. Thanks to Lean Burn technology, this ration is 1/18″.

Df 175 Ap Suzuki Marine
A section of a Df 175 Ap outboard which shows some inner features of hew Suzuki motors.

Moreover, these two new outboards are provided with the innovative Suzuki Multi Stage Induction technology, a solution which changes the length of the intake manifold according to engine temperature. This way, the air entering the combustion chamber always has the right temperature regardless the engine’s one. In order to make the engine compact and move the weight to the middle of the boat, Suzuki engineers have reduced the length of both the drive and transmission shafts. The DF series, available in different shaft lengths, also features the Keyless Start System, a solution which allows to operate the motor with no key when the key fob is within one metre of the console.

Finally, the new DF 40 A outboard will be installed on the stern of a 5-metre ZarMini 16 Rib, featuring aluminium deck and hull, which will join the 1,700-mile tour of Italy organized by the Milan Rib Club. Under the patronage of Regione Lombardia, Ucina-Confindustria Nautica and Federazione Italiana Motonautica, they will sail off next April 1st from Genoa; after circumnavigating the Italian peninsula up to Venice, they will sail up the River Po and reach Pavia.

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