Synthetic Teak par excellence: Flexiteek is number one

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Synthetic teak par excellence: in 20 years, Flexiteek has revolutionized the market

When it comes to synthetic teak, it is synthetic teak teaknotekinevitable to immediately think of Flexiteek. Created in 2000 by the Swedish company of the same name and imported in Italy by Teaknotek, Flexiteek is the synthetic teak par excellence.

The 20-year history of Flexiteek tells of a brand that has revolutionized the market from the very beginning and, precisely for this season, is increasingly used by shipyards and boat owners.

Not surprisingly, it’s the best-selling synthetic teak, the one with the largest number of distributors, in the world.

From January to March this year, Flexiteek has sold, in Italy alone, 4,070 square meters of teak, which is a “square footage” that probably most of Italian competitors struggle to sell in two years.

Synthetic teak par excellence: quality, patents and more

teak par excellence FlexiteekAs the longest-lasting synthetic decking solution of market, Flexiteek meets the best of patents: time.

No patent or accelerated laboratory test can give the same reliable and truthful result like that gained in the field or, as in our case, at sea.

In this respect, Flexiteek has largely proved to best the most durable synthetic teak of the market. Moreover, thanks to the exclusive 2G patent, it is also 30% fresher and considerably lighter than rival synthetic decking systems.

Highlights include anti-fungal inhibitors and UV protectors, not visible to the naked eye but which have a fundamental role in the protection from external agents. The Flexiteek 2G provides amazing grip, which, in terms of safety, is an extremely important added value.

Cleaning, zero maintenance and the importance of gluing

Flexiteek 2G is a maintenance-free synthetic teak.pardo 43

Any type of breakahe, hole or cur can be repaired cheaply, easily and quickly, without leaving any trace of the work performed.

Stains can be easily removed even with bleach or with the use of pressure washers, thanks to the special composition of seams which are in PVC, just like Flexiteek.

Flexiteek is protected under a specific design patent which makes it the only deckying system provided with a grooved bottom that ensures chemical gluing, thanks to the use of special glues and mechanical grip.

Lately, a number of articles try to explain that smooth bottom is more performing than a grooved or honeycomb one; that’s why Flexiteek trusts in the intelligence of the reader.

Colours and fluorescence

bathroomAmong the various colours options available for the joints, Flexiteek offers the fluorescent seam, even if CEO Federico Falchieri sincerely advices against it for four reasons.

First of all, it is visible only in total darkness, therefore only during night navigation in the total absence of light. Furthermore, just a little dust or dirt is enough to compromise the final result.

During night navigation, the light, albeit llow, is annoying for the eyes (those who sail at night know well that even the light emitted by the onboard instruments obstructs the view) and reduces the possibility of seeing any obstacles, including the waves crashing into a seamark.

Finally, as the years go by, the intensity of fluorescence inevitably tends to drop.

Isiteek, prestigious customers and 5-year warranty

cantiere-del-pardoFlexittek 2F also offers “Isiteek”, grand-soleilthe cheapest and best-selling DIY version of Flexiteek.

It’s an excellent option for anyone desiring to renew the decking of their boat without spending too much. Joints can be glued with the help of a special sealant provided by Flexiteek.

A lot of shipyards choose or have chosen Flexiteek, from Cantieri del Pardo (of which the company is proud and partner) to Ice Yacht, from Solaris to Maxi Dolphin, from Azimut to Canados, from Hanse to Cantieri Capelli, passing through Formenti, Anvera, Lomac, Mylius, Dufour, X-Yacht, Southernwind and Nuova Tuccoli (click here to see the customer’s list).

Furthermore, Flexiteek offers a 5-year warranty and a special worldwide insurance. In other words, it has a distributor for every country so that boats are covered by insurance everywhere and, in the event of some problems on board, the owner is easily joined by a Flexiteek technician. The service is unique in the world.

Synthetic teak par excellence and respect for the environment

The advantages of this synthetic teak go far Plant a Tree programmebeyond the similarity to natural teak and include, for example, the complete ryciclability of the product.

Flexiteek is, in fact, synonymous with sustainability and, in collaboration with the charitable organization World Land Trust and the Plant a Tree programme, commits to plant one tree for every 10m2 of Flexiteek 2G synthetic teak sold worldwide to counteract the progressive deforestation of our planet.

Every £5 donation will go towards the nurturing, planting and protecting of one tree in an area lost to deforestation, like Borneo and Ecuador.

Flexiteek, the number one of synthetic teak, pays particular attention to the environment where we live.

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