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When talking about extremely fast mega ribs, so versatile and safe that they can be used both for comfortable and elegant long-range cruises or as luxury tenders of megayachts, the creations of Technohull inevitably come to mind. Despite its relatively recent history (it was, in fact, established only in 2005), the Greek Athens-based shipyard has already established itself as a leading brand in the manufacturing of high-performance and high-technology inflatable boats. Technohull Omega 41

More specifically, this year, its flagship model, the Omega 41, is offered to the market in a renewed version with a new deck layout and a triple engine outboard option. Resulting from the joint effort of the architect Alexandros Liaskovitis, who has taken care of design, and Adam Younger, a prestigious name in racing hulls design who, on the contrary, has designed the high-performance hull, the new version of the Omega 41 might point the way to a less extreme use. She can, in fact, be used as a tender of superyachts and ensures greater comfort thanks to a deck which seems to be completely devoted to conviviality.

All this is guaranteed without sacrificing performances that are instead even enhanced compared to the previous version.

Technohull Omega 41 consolleWithout upsetting the original one, in the 2017 version, Liaskovitis develops the deck layout from the distinctive central driving console. In the Omega 41, the latter is a real pilot station. Both the captain and the co-pilot’s seats, along with the two ones positioned just behind, preserve their sporty enveloping lines which enable to face long-range high-speed cruises in total comfort and safety.

The center console becomes more “friendly“, equipped with two large central monitors able to display maps and control all the devices on board easily. The leather steering wheel and the gas throttles are well-located and highly ergonomic. The console is even overlooked by a T-top, whose carbon structure includes some tinted windows which shelter from sunrays. The same structure hosts the antennas of some devices, position lamps and can even mount solar panels for on-board batteries.Technohull Omega 41 navigazione

Behind the four seats protected by the top opens the most convivial area of this version. The volumes necessary for the installation of outboards are not sufficient to accommodate an aft sun pad, previously available in the inboard version.  However, an elegant C-shaped  sofa envelops a central coffee table while, at the basis of the top, a cabinet hides the presence of a refrigerator, a sink and stoves, very useful in case of long-range excursions.

The two comfortable lateral passages lead to the front side of the console which, when closed,  hosts a small forward-facing sofa while, when raised, gives access to interiors.

Consistently with the type of the boat, interiors are, of course, very cozy but include a bathroom and a small living area which can be converted into a double berth. Everything has been built with extreme care and high-quality materials. In the bow, a wide sunbathing platform hides a large-sized locker.
Technohull Omega 41 Technohull Omega 41 prua

This year, owners can choose a triple engine 350hp or 400hp outboard option or choose one of the already successful motorizations available for the Omega 41. Of course, on sporty boats, performances generally depend on loads and sea conditions but inboards of the Omega 41 can deliver a cruising speed of over 45 knots and a top speed of over 65 knots. If powered by the three outboards, cruising speed becomes 50 knots and top speed is about 80 knots.

These days, the shipyard is even considering the possibility of a quadruple outboard option outputting 400hp per unit. Technohull Omega 41 fuoribordo 400hp

In order to contain such power, the shipyard has used the best construction materials along with multiaxial fibers, infused epoxy resins and many carbon elements that ensure a light, sturdy and highly resistant structure.

Fast and stable, the hull of the Omega 41 designed by Adam Younger  has two deep “steps”: the first is exactly under the center console while the second one is positioned near the stern.

The mission of the Greek shipyard is based on four core values: extreme performance, perfect safety and seaworthiness, top fuel-efficiency and long-distance traveling ability. In all her versions, the Omega 41 is officially the flagship of the shipyard even in this respect.




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