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In a nutshell? A heap of all that a rubber boat can be. It isn’t a boat with large fenders fixed on the sides, it doesn’t want only to astonish and show off, it isn’t conceived only for high speed. It is a pneumatic boat.IMG_0495

Capelli has accustomed us to high standards and everything seems predictable. But, by inspecting 755 Tempest, it is clear that it can be successful on an increasingly competitive market thanks to its strenghts: on one hand, functionality ( no special effects but everything is in the right place), with a perfect circulation on board, proper free spaces on the console’s sides, well-arranged manropes, small astern gangways to reach the dash board; on the other hand, high quality details and finishings IMG_0465(especially in consideration of the package price): so, beautiful lockers, excellent fabrics, 26 big equipments.

The rubber boat has a perfect interaction between hull and tubes; consequently a good static and dynamic gear and an excellent stability. In addition to a 42-knot-maximum speed we want to highlight the precise trajectories, the soft hull and the excellent stability, even at high speed.

The F225 FETX engine used during our sea trial belongs to the large Japanese family of six cylinders, from 200 to 250 HP. It is always the same monobloc, a fourstroke 4,2-liter- V6, with 24 valves (EFI electronic injection), Drive by Wire accelerator and gear. Fast cruising speed is 35 knots (61 l/h) while medium speed is 27 knots (39 l/h). Japanese propellers are excellent in terms of consumption.

As usual, Capelli-Yamaha collaboration offers interesting final prices and a good quality/price ratio. Tempest 775, with its 225 Yamaha, costs less more than 63,000 Euros (VAT included). If you prefer a 250 HP engine, the cost increase of 1,000 Euros.


Capelli Tempest 775 Sun – Technical File

Project: Ufficio tecnico Capelli
Builder: Cantieri Capelli, via delle Industrie 19, 26020 Spinadesco (CR), tel. 0372/491399,,
CE Planning Category: B
Max lenght.: 7.75 m
Max Width:  3.00 m
Max Tubes diameter: 0,65 m
Weight (with no engine):  1,350 Kg
Max people: 22
Max Hp: 250 HP
Sea trial engines: 1 x Yamaha F225 FETX
Engine total weight: 260 kg
Fuel Tank: 250 l
Water Tank: 60 l
Materials and construction:  fiberglass hull, 20-degree deadrise, three supports per side. Hypalon-neoprene Orca Pennel & Flipo 1.670 dtex tubes.Fiberglass hull and deck, manual millwork, made in Italy.

Basic Price: Capelli Tempest 775/Yamaha F225FETX Package : 63,640 Euros, VAT included. Capelli Tempest 775/Yamaha F250DETX  Package: 64,320 Euros, VAT included

Numbers and performances

Revolutions/min speed (knots)  Consumption (l/h)
600 2,1 2,4
1000 3,4 4,5
1500 5,5 7,5
2000 7,1 12,5
2500 9,7 19,2
3000 16,9 24,2
3500 21,6 29,9
4000 26,5 38,7
4500 30,2 50,3
5000 34,2 61,9
5500 37,7 73,5
5900 42,6 93,6

Minimun gliding speed: 13.1 knots. Sea TrialConditions: wind: 10/15 knots; river: strong stream – liquid load: 3/4 – people on board: 5.



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