The International Yachting Media: TouslesBateaux, the French edition of the world’s most popular yachting magazine, is online!

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Touslesbateaux magazine
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The International Yachting Media – the Italian startup developed by Net2Web, the italian incubator of digital projects – continues to grow after having establishing itself as the world’s most read yachting media in just four years.

The Magazine of, the French edition of the popular web portal, has been launched these days.

The new editorial product joins, and, which represent the complex of yachting magazines and contents broadcast by The International Yachting Media in over 200 different countries.

Established in Italy in 2014, the portal has progressively become popular all around the world thanks to the large amount of news and information offered to an audience composed mainly of boat owners, who use the contents available in the different sections of the website daily.

The magazine is the crown jewel of the system, daily updated by an average of almost two articles  which are selectively translated and published into the various international editions. Present in all the main international boat shows, the journalists of The International Yachting Media report the new entries of the market, test the boats and constantly edit interesting articles on sailing didactics.

readers all around the worldIt’s a huge effort which involves a staff of 15 people who incessantly travel all a round the world, looking for news, information and, above all, evidence of what they report. Essential for this purpose is the boat of the editorial staff, a real mobile lab which, sailing throughout the year, tests all the new products of the market, leaving little room for imagination and updating the pages of the ports and anchorages” section, which is currently the largest and most complete pilot book of the Mediterranean and the only one showing a large amount of ports and anchorages on the same map.

Furthermore, the editorial system benefits from an European test centre located within the Marina di Varazze, Italy, as a part of the facilities of Alfashipyard  where, thanks to the lifting power of the lifts and the accommodation capacity of the complex, tests and maintenance interventions can be carried out with no problems.

Yachtsmen from all around the world are already used to choose between a Touslesbateaux figaro beneteau 3generalist access to the magazine or, according to their own passions, a more selective access in one of the three vertical macro-categories: Boatandboats Motor, Boatandboats Sail, Boatandboats Inflatable/RIB, for a type of information which best responds to their needs.

A language spoken on all 5 continents and 30 different countries, French allows to complete a coverage which is unparalleled in the world of yachting publishing. The Magazine of Touslesbateaux is already online and operational and publishes articles and news of worldwide yachting in French. The other sections of the portal, too, will progressively be translated to the benefit of French-speaking readers.

Touslesbateaux is therefore preparing to become as successful as the other international editions through the satisfaction of the readers who have always represented the real wealth of our editorial system.


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