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This year, the winner of DAME Award, the prestigious prize delivered every year to the best marine accessories, materials and components in the world, is Torqeedo Cruise FP.   Torqeedo cruise fp  vince dame award

Torqueedo’s team at DAME Award cerimony

It’s an electric propulsion system designed for sailing boats and available in two different versions: Cruise 2.0 FP (Fixed Pod) and Cruise 4.0 FP, 2 and 10 W respectively, comparable, in terms of power and push, to 5 or 8 HP inboards.

Torqeedo cruise fp  vince il dame awardHowever, among winners, in one of the six subcategories envisaged by DAME, there is the Italian BCM Illuminazione with its genial Jolly Roger light, designed for interiors and equipped with a magnetic hook and capable to be switched on even remotely and through Bluetooth.

The jury of DAME, delivered at METS in Torqeedo cruise fp Amsterdam, is made up of Bill Dixon (Dixon Yacht Design), Torsten Conradi, Judel/Vrolijk & co; Jarno Jakopin, J&J Design; Jan Dirk Jansen, TU Delft;  Nigel Calder;  Peter Hemp, ICOMIA, Brigit Schnaase (Schnaase Interior) and Andrea Frabetti (Diesel Center S.p.A).Torqeedo cruise fp  vince dame award

We asked Andrea Frabetti why the choice felt on the German product:

It’s an innovative product which represents a great step forward in the field of hybrid propulsion systems. It has made the system itself and its installation very simple. In practice, it’s a “plug and play” device which solves all the main problems caused by hybrid systems, generally not easy to be implemented inside the boat”.

Why is it so simple?
First of all because it disappears inside the pod, where also engine and inverter are located for the benefit of more generous spaces aboard”.

Does this system allow to say goodbye to diesel engines?
This system only needs a normal generator and, of course, a right batteries compartment. We’re talking about normal-size sailing boats, even though two pods can be installed on a single hull, too. Another important advantage is that both generator and batteries can be installed anywhere in the boat and weights can be arranged better. So, we can say goodbye to the traditional engine room located under the stepladder” 

The other winners of the category are:  Airmar (with Multi Log DX 900), Harken (with its new series of air winches, made in Italy), Zhik (with its waterproof Avlare clothes), True Design (which replicates the success of last year in the section of marine equipment) and Securitag (with Sea Tag, a bracelet which locates a man overboard through a smartphone). We’ll talk about them next days.

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