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Green energy, greater range, respect for the environment and on-board comfort. These are the promises by Torqeedo for 2017 with its upcoming electric and hybrid outboards.

The first innovation is the BMW battery. Coming from automotive engineering, it was conceived for powerful electric motors ranging from 40 to 80 HP.

batteria torqueedo BMWEqually interesting are the new extensions of Cruise FP motors, now available in three different versions: 5, 8 and 20 HP, all equipped with lithium batteries and advanced marine electronic devices.

But the greatest innovation in terms of performances and commercial success is certainly represented by Torqeedo Travel 1003, now available in its C version. The core of this new version is the abundant battery capacity, increased by 73% compared to the previous model while maintaining a 6 Kg weight and a 945 Wh power. The result is greater performances: Travel 1003 C can, in fact, work for 18 miles at a 3-knot-speed. The engine is equipped with a GPS interface which calculates consumption according to the distance travelled and the remaining range.

Finally, with the new 25 kW Range Extender, Torqeedo introduces the first inverter generator capable of supplying electricity for yachts and supporting serial hybrid systems.

In particular, the Deep Blue Hybrid system, maybe the most distinctive among Torqeedo products, delivers hybrid propulsion and it is designed for electric outboards ranging from 30 up to 120 Kw.

The system combines traditional power with that one produced by renewable sources, by reducing both fuel and energy requirements. The advantages translate into lower consumption, greater environment-friendliness and noise reduction.

Moreover, the system converts the energy produced by solar panels into power that can be used by on-board devices for a complete system diagnosis.

Christoph Ballin, CEO and co-founder of the German group, underlined the value of both research and innovation: ” Torqeedo – he claimed – paves the way for naval propulsion system through a continuous innovation process. Today, our product range includes useful solutions for both small sailing boats and big yachts.”

Now, we only have to await some weeks to test the new 1003 electric outboard on our boat, a real floating lab which will host the tests of the accessories we have already talked about.


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