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Tuccoli: all-purpose fishing boats

The Italian shipyard Tuccoli builds fishing boats for both fishing and comfortable cruising

Tuccoli T440 Hard-Top
T440 Hard-Top

Boasting a 70-year tradition handed down across three generations, the Italian shipyard Tuccoli has certainly made fisherman boats a true artisanal culture.

It all began with my grandfather who, in the 1950s, built wood fishing boats – explains Tuccoli Site and Production Manager Marco Tuccoli – Then, in the 1970s, my father started to build fiberglass fishing and planing boats. I joined the company in 1977 and, today, continue a family passion“.

For the Tuccoli famioly, in fact, fishing boats are a deep-rooted passion, as well as a mission aimed at ongoing modernization based on market dynamics, Not surprisingly, over time, Tuccoli fishing boats have progressively turned into recreational yachts of the highest quality, also thanks to the collaboration with skilled designers and world-class fishermen.

” The quality of the materials is our categorical imperative. Through careful processing of materials, we provide our boats with two essential elements: sturdiness and reliability. Unlike recreational boaters, fishermen are used to go to the sea even in the harshest conditions, in winter and the in the coolest times of the year. That’s why they must feel safe on board their boat”.

Tuccoli T250 VM
The hull of the T250 VM

The hull is certainly the main strength of all Tuccoli boats. While professional fishermen are more concerned with stability than with speed, Tuccoli does not neglect nautical performance, precisely because Tuccoli boats are fully-fledged yachts with remarkable seaworthiness.

 ” Our particularly deep hulls are made with an advanced technology that gives the hull a good level of speed as well as excellent balance. Waterlines are soft and allow to sail at around 18-20 knots. They are specifically designed to deal with the most insidious waves, while stability is guaranteed by the enlarged bow, which drastically reduces the rolling motion. Another outstanding feature is the balanced distribution of weights, which allows to fully take advantage of the engine thrust while mainting a good trim and enjoing low fuel consumption. In short, we do not disdain performance. However, what is really important for us is the sailing comfort at cruising speed”.

Tuccoli T370 Coupé interiors
T370 Coupé interiors

Furthermore, Tuccoli boats are widely customizable: the fisherman is a demanding owner; that’s why the Italian shipyard is happy to meet the owner’s wishes, in both functional and aesthetic terms.

There are those who ask to move the indoor galley to make room for a storage compartment for fishing equipment, those who want ten rod holders, those who ask for only two, those who ask for built-in night lights. We try to please all of them, without upsetting the original structure of the boat. We learn a lot from our customers’ requests. Not surprisingly, many of them have been developed by our shipyard, subsequently becoming standard elements”.

Tuccoli boats, where the comfort of the great interior volumes is maximized without however sacrificing the fishing area, have different souls: they are cruisers, like the T440 Hard-Top; sporty, like the T370 Coupé; fishing-oriented like the T250 Capraia and the T250 VM; easy-rider like the T280 inboard or outboard, to which Marco Tuccoli is very attached “because it is a historic boat that has given us so much satisfaction. It is liked for its appeal and its large spaces on board: three comfortable berths, indoor galley, head, bow sundeck and a cozy cockpit on the water level. Since 1998, we have built more than two hundred. This model is still in great demand today “.

Tuccoli T280 Inboard
T280 Inboard


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