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Tuccoli T210VM: compact in size, extreme in comfort

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Tuccoli unveils the new T210VM, a fisherman with compact size and great comforts

Compact, agile, comfortable: the T210VM is the new Tuccoli fisherman tuccoli t210vm stern which gives priority to comfort and volumes aboard. After the great success of the T250 Capraia and VM, the historic Italian boat manufacturer carries on the construction of fishing boats with the launch of its 2021 new entry, the T210VM, an entry-level registration-free boat capable of satisfying the most demanding fisherman who want to enjoy their fishing activities from a compact yet comfortable boat.

Compactness is, in fact, one of the main strengths of the T210VM ( she is 6.80 meters long and 2.55 meters wide), which therefore takes advantage from a very large walkable surface: 13.5 square meters of space, perfect for both the practical needs of the owner/ fisherman and to enjoy relax with family and friends when at anchor.

As for the fishing comforts offered by the T210VM, Tuccoli has left nothing to chance. The central bench, for example, houses a compartment inside for the sports equipment box. The new boat has nine lockers in total, arranged in various areas of the deck. At the stern, there is a live bait tank, whose top represents a comfortable work surface.

tuccoli t210vm top view The shower head is located at the rear of the boat and, as in the larger model, the owner can even choose to install an additional one amidships. Furthermore, on demand, it is possible to install some padded gunwales to make the fishing session even easier. In short, the new T210VM is compact in size but extreme in terms of technical fishing contents.

Over the last few years, the Collesalvetti-based shipyard has developed a collaboration with Marco Volpi, multiple Italian and world fishing champion in various boat fishing specialties.

This collaboration has resulted into several projects, all focused on fishermen, as evidenced by the T250VM and the new T210VM.  The recently produced Tuccoli fisherman are all based on a strategic arrangement of spaces that allows the owner to concentrate exclusively on the sea. Aboard every Tuccoli model, navigation is linear and comfortable and the T210VM is the perfect option to sail the Mediterranean Sea in any weather condition.

The hull is in full laminate, with tuccoli t210vm starboard size variable thickness ranging from 8 mm on the side to 15 mm on the keel, all reinforced with a partially counter-molded structural grid. The construction of the boat is in hand-layered vinylester and polyester, while the deck has been designed as a “sandwich”. The core is made of 15 mm PVC and with a density of 60 kilograms per cubic meter, the thicknesses are variable and between 20 and 25 millimeters.

These values meet the structural requirements imposed by the ISO standard calculation, a fundamental part of the technical file for the certifications issued by the certifying bodies” explains designer Oris Martino D’Ubaldo.

” It is important to know that, for boats between 6 and 6 meters in length, the structural requirements imposed by the ISO calculation are largely oversized – underlines Oris Martino D’Ubaldo – So, when these requirements are satisfied, the safety ratio is greater than other calculation criteria. The safety ratio identifies the safety margin with respect to the minimum values envisaged by the direct calculation “.

tuccoli t210vm layout The T210VM is equally performing. Outboard propulsion ranges from 140 to 250HP. In her most “extreme” version, the T210VM reaches a cruising speed of 25-27 knots and a top speed of 43. In accordance with her size and top speed, the deadrise angle has been set at 20 degrees.

The new T210VM is offered for sale at a very interesting price. The basic price of the Hard Top version is € 37,000.00 + VAT. Furthermore, the first 5 buyers will have the opportunity to have their new boat for just € 28,652.00 + VAT.

T210VM: the quality of a flaghsip with the price of an entry-level. An absolutely unmissable fisherman.

Tuccoli T210VM: Technical Specs

Length 6.80 m
Width 2.55 m
Draft 0.40 m
Displacement 1,800 kg
Water Tank Capacity 40 l
Fuel Tank Capacity 250 l
Outboard propulsion, Max Power 250 HP
EC Category C – 5 people

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