Velasco 37 F has doubled its space

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When Tony Castro, historic deisgner of Jeanneau, focused his attention to the new engine project  of the French shipyard, he maybe had had a challenge with someone and his intention was to double the space of this new boat and make it larger than in a normal 11-metre boat. He adopted an unusual solution, that is to build a fly bridge on a 37-feet boat.

This is how Velasco 37 F was born, with an overall length of 11,43 metres but a hull length of almost 10 metres. With this size, Tony Castro and Jeanneau Technical Office has dared a lot as regards the esthetical appearance and they have added a second bridge on a 11-metre boat. If their efforts will be successful, this will be declared by the market. In any case, we must admit that Velasco 37 seems to be longer than it is and its fly, maybe thanks to its jumpoing thin shape over the cockpit, is harmonious with the whole.


But let’s consider the main point: space. From this point of view, there is little to interpret because the outside part of the boat actually doubles thanks to the presence of the fly. And not only in terms of square metres but also and especially in terms of arrangement. The entire living area behind the pilot house can in fact offer some comfortable seats and, thanks to the closable coffee table, it can be converted into an enormous sunbathing space.

Sofas are  swing  and they can be turned forward facing or opposite the table by creating a lunch areas outside.

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Interiors are conceived for a family of 4 people. There are in fact a very large double room and a smaller twin-bed room. On the left, there is a small but comfortable bathroom.


Finally, there is enough space to stow everywhere, especially in the dinette. Here, behind the pilot house, there is a U-shaped seat with a sofa, a coffee table and a fair kitchen just before the cockpit entrance.

As optionals, you can require the entrance hold door which, from the pilot house, leads to the fore channels.

The boat has two Volvo Penta 300 hp engines with shaft transmission. The maximum speed reaches almost 27 knots for a 180-mile autonomy.

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