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This is a good example of how to exploit a 10-metre-boat the best. From outside, it doesn’t seem a boat (the hull is 9.98 metres long) since it has two cabins, a bathroom, a fly bridge and a big central hall with a kitchen and a very comfortable lunch table for four people. Velasco 37 is the right and not too expensive boat which can make a family happy. Interior volumes are large, the price is competitive and it allows good performances and an easy management.

Under the deck, the configuration is classic: a fore double cabin, an astern cabin with two beds on the right and a bathroom on the left. In the whole, cabins are big enough. The bathroom has a simple design but a lot of space. Velasco 37’s functional areas are well-conceived: the lower bridge and the central hall are wide and they allow a great circulation.

The kitchen and the lunch area are here, near the cockpit (320 x 110 cm) and this – together with the lateral door next to the pilot house – makes circulation very simple. This lateral door is one of the main strengths of this boat and its planning key. Its gangway is wide and moving from the bow to the poop is very easy: when you are alone (or with a non-expert crew) to manage mooring, this is a great help. Without considering that even the communication with the dock is easier.

The boat ensures an excellent view (both from the inner place than from the fly bridge) and a good stowage space: in particular, the big central technical locker gives to families the ideal solution to not have any stowage problems during their cruise.


We tested the boat with the smallest engines available, two D4 Volvo Penta 300 HP engines (the alternative is two D6 370 Hp engines). A quiet choice that fits well with the “family man’s phylosophy” of the project. As we have said: a lot of space, cheap costs and simple use. Even the traditional shaft line transmission helps to have a very competitive list price. Performances are very good and the boat allows low consumption.

The maximum speed is only 26 knots, a not exciting speed but good for a project like this. Cruising speed is 23 knots, with a consumption of about 90 l/h. If you want to save more, at 2,600 revolutions and 14 knots, consumption decreases to 38 litres per hour, which means to cover a mile with 2,8 litres of fuel and 300 miles of autonomy.

In addition to this, Velasco is very silent, which has astonished us. Boats-cots ( we use this definition with the greatest respect, since they are the most appreciated boats on the market) produce too many vibrations and noise. Here, on the contrary, travelling is extremely enjoyable.


Project: Jeanneau Design – Tony Castro Yacht Design
Builder: Jeanneau, France,
Italian distributor:
CE Planning Category: B
Overall Length.: 11.43 m
Hull Length: 9.98 m
Max Width:  3.84 m
Propeller immersion: 0.83
Displacement:  8,271 Kg
Max people: 10
Beds: 6
Sea trial engines: 2 x Volvo Penta D4 300 HP
Transmission: line shaft
Fuel Tank: 2 x 400 l
Water Tank: 300 l
Other engines: 2 x D6 370 HP
Materials and construction: fiberglass hull, full laminate; fiberglass sandwich deck and superstructures, infusion layering
Main optionals: premiere 2016 equipments, sliding lateral door, led lights for interiors and exteriors, cockpit, fore propeller, electric pulley, flybridge hall tapestry, electronics pack, mooring kit, tv, autopilot, teak in the cockpit, air conditioned, boat covers, fender support, inverter, electrical generator, astern propeller, pillows, rollbar.

Basic Price: 251, 400 Euros, VAT excluded
Price of the tested boat: 339,00 Euros, VAT excluded

Velasco 37 F – Numbers

revolutions/min speed (knots) consumption (l/h) litres/mile Autonomy
700 4,2 2,4 0,5 1.600
1000 5,6 4,8 0,8 1.000
1500 7,9 15,0 1,8 444
2000 9,1 31 3,4 235
2500 13,3 38 2,8 285
3000 19,0 80 4,2 190
3500 24,4 101 4,1 195
3600 26,0 115 4,4 181

Velocità minima di planata, 13,1 nodi – condizioni della prova: 6 persone a bordo, mare poco mosso, vento 10 nodi, carichi liquidi 70%.


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