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Virtual Boat Show : faster and more interactive

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The new Virtual Boat Show by The International Yachting Media is based on a completely new, faster and Mobile-oriented technology

At a time when boat shows are on standby, there’s only one yachting New Virtual Boat Show homepageshows that never stops. It’s the Virtual Boat Show by The International Yachting Media. After less than one year from its launch, our virtual boat exhibition renovates itself in grand style, further improving its performance.

In addition to an even more elegant and attractive graphic design, in fact, the second release introduces digital performance based on a completely new and faster technology, specifically designed for Mobile devices and only subsequently adapted for desktop use. A technology that puts the user closer to boats which, now available on smartphones and tablets, can comfortably consult the virtual pages wherever they are.

New Virtual Boat Show sailing yachts page” The second release of our Virtual Boat Show, even faster and more interactive, represents a technological step forward, destined to satisfy the needs of all the users looking for increasingly performing content”, explains Giorgio Bruno, Sales Manager at The International Yachting Media.

The Virtual Boat Show (made up of six sections: Motor Yachts, Maxi Rib, Sailing Yachts, Catamarans, Inflatable Boats and Boat Supplies) is an advanced aggregator of multimedia content that goes definitively beyond what we are used to see. A true virtual yachting show where the owners have the possibility to go searching for their favourite boat.

Through a quick and intuitive navigation, the user can reachNew Virtual Boat Show MCY the selected shipyard’s page and find all the boats he is interested in, illustrated in a clear and exhaustive way through articles that tell about sea trials, virtual tours that allow the user to explore the boat and better understand its features, spectacular videos, suggestive pics, boat data sheets, links that drive to the official Instagram pages of the shipyards, and the convenient “contact function to ask for additional information in a reserved, direct and exclusive way.

The new Virtual Boat Show by The International Yachting Media, an editirial product that comes with the six international magazines of the groupTuttoBarche, Yachting Media, Todos Los Barcos, Tous Les Bateaux, The International Yachting Media Digest and Superyachts.News- was the first virtual boat show in the world. A digital full immersion experience which derives from an innovative form of communication, based on a 360-degree multimedia approach. The best, safer and more immediate, solution for anyone looking for his dream boat.

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