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” A start to the year characterized by the results of the work that we have built in 2016. Satisfactions are notable above all because the strategic vision of Volvo keeps on proving winning.”

We meet Nicola PomiVolvo Penta Sales Manager of the marine engines branch for Italy, Spain and Portugal, in a sunny afternoon on the flybridge of an Absolute trawler fitted with a Volvo engine and exhibited at the Miami International Boat Show. The manager shows all his satisfaction for the commercial achievements and the unstoppable evolution of Volvo Penta products.

“2017 begins with the presentation of some important new entries for the marine engines department, doesn’t it?”

Nicola Pomi Volvo Penta

“Yes, it does. In late 2016, we launched the new D8 IPS 15 engine together with the Battery Management System, which allows to monitor both the battery status and all the on-board equipment remotely, and a joystick for inboard engines. In addition to our products’ high quality, the most important thing is that our production continues to reflect our Easy Boating philosophy”.

What does it mean?

It translates into a management system which involves not only sales but the entire world of propulsion and sailing.

What does it involve exactly?

It involves all the functions which are incorporated thanks to a system we’ve developed within our company, whose main players are Volvo software and Garmin hardware. When a customer purchases a Volvo Penta product, he buys an integrated system allowing to have only us as reference point since everything is manufactured by Volvo Penta.

Ips 15 Volvo Penta
The new Volvo Penta Ips 15

Which are the advantages for the customer?

First of all, he has only one interlocutor. If, for example, he has some problems with the propeller, the transmission system, the engine and anything concerning the boat propulsion system, we’re the only one interlocutor for him since, as I’ve already said, everything we produce and build is part of an integrated system.

Does this translate into any advantages for the company, too?

Yes, of course. Both in terms of economies of scale, which translate into a further advantage for the customer, and installations. Everything is part of a single world, where each component perfectly interacts with the system.

Is this integration skill the result of external contributions?

Yes, it is. We’ve developed some important strategic partnerships, such as that with Garmin. Moreover, we took over other important groups, such as Sipac, with which we developed the EVC (Electronic Vessel Control) control system, and Humphree, for the production of stabilizers, that is the integrated interceptors which automatically select the best boat balance.

Will your next products reflect the same Easy Boating philosophy?

Of course! All our development follows this direction. Next May, we’ll launch a very important product but, at the moment, I can’t tell you anything. Then, we’ll launch some advanced systems for engine monitoring which will be connected to smartphone and iPad devices. Finally, we’ll launch new D2 50 HP and D2 60 HP engines for sailboats. Everything will always follow our philosophy which, after all, wants to let everyone’s dream come true: to sail enjoying comfort, safety and easy handling.


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