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Horrible awakening for the inhabitants of Santa Marinella: a whirlwind threatens boats north of Rome. Much fear but with no injuries

In early November, a whirlwind hit Santa Marinella, a coastal town situated north of Rome.

It happened at dawn. At around five in the morning, the whirlwind became evident, raging against the background of the sky. When they woke up, the inhabitants had to deal with a strong wind that slowly approached the city center and forced them to take shelter.

After upsetting the town, the wind hit the port situated just below the castle. Several boats were there and were literally thrown on the ground by the whirlwind, being moved by their supports and falling on each other.

As you can seen in the video below and in the first photos, the whole row of boats was found destroyed. The wind, indeed, caused a domino effect, managing to almost overturn them.

Moreover, damage was also ascertained to some structures in the city and near the oratory of Via dei Fiori, where the children’s playground was upset by the fury of the wind.

The whirlwind, which at first threw the boats parked near the pier, then crossed the city, hurling branches, signs and light equipment to the ground, preventing the regular circulation of vehicles in the following days.

The bad weather, which reached Rome, also hit Civitavecchia, where many buildings were damaged.

The Civil Protection teams, promptly alerted and already at work from the early hours of the morning along with divers, have scoured and controlled the affected areas, carrying out structural checks on the homes most at risk.

If no serious damage and injuries were recorded, transport suffered many problems, from Rome to Santa Marinella, and, as a traveler told us, bad weather compromised the viability:

“It is an inhuman situation – the girl said – and the discomforts have increased for several days. Now, in the morning, the trains pass every 15 minutes instead of 10, and constantly one breaks. When we asked about the reason for this situation, the attendants answered that the speed limit has dropped from 80 to 70 km. But this cannot go on. We are very angry!“.


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