wild boar rescued at sea
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It was thanks to the prompt, courageous intervention of two sea professionals that – as crazy as it may sound – a wild boar was saved from certain death off the Tuscany Coasts.

The incredible salvage happened last week. Maybe, the rescuers were professional divers, probably involved in the repair works of the neighboring lighthouse. The footage, uploaded on YouTube, is available on the channel of Alessio Tagliabracci, who is probably one of the two rescuers.

The imprudent animal was spotted off the so-called Formiche di Grosseto while, maybe because of a loss of orientation, it was swimming towards the island of Elba. As you can see in the video above, the animal is tired and gets close to the boat, perhaps in need of a resting place.

The wild boar was swimming ver far from the coast

Patiently, the two guys solved the situation by passing a rope under the animal and towing it slowly to the beach, where the animal finally disappeared in the scrub, tired but unharmed.

As the second video clearly shows, it is not the first time that a wild boar ventures into the sea. They are very good swimmers and their presence at the sea is proved by a multitude of videos on the web. However, in this case, the animal was actually very far from the coast and would have drowned if the two guys hadn’t rescued it.

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