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After two years from the launch of new racing X6 project, now X-Yacht presents the first pictures of this stunning 36-foot-sailing boat.

A completely innovative design which distinguishes this boat from all the previous projects of the Danish yard. And not only for her rollbar, an unprecedented superstructure for the boats of the yard, but also for the sizes of he deckhouse, which stands out over a very clean deck. A really innovative superstructure which makes interiors more brightness and visible from outside.

x yachts x6

All in all, X6 maintains the same elegance than all the other yard’s boats. Thanks to a very clean bridge, thin fore sections and a maximum beam which stops before the transom, this new model is completely innovative but keeps a communication link with the more classical concept of yacht design.

The criteria of construction use the same processes of XP racer-cruiser boats. So, vacuum-sealed infusion, epoxy resin with carbon reinforcements for more rigidity and stability.

The reduced weight translates into a greater space for water and fuel tanks, a larger batteries compratment and the possibility to install some desalinators or compressors without compromising stability and performances.

x yachts x6 cabina

Interiors reflect the modern appearance of the external design. A clean design houses natural materials, such as leather and wood, all well-embellished and high-quality finishes.

x yachts x6 cucina

Even though the boat can be custom-made, both in terms of layout and materials, the two standard versions have three cabins and two bathrooms. The difference lies in the inner arrangement of the rooms. Astern cabins can have bunk or twin beds, while in the master’s cabin the bed moves from the fore area to the bulwark to create a much larger bathroom.

x yachts x6 cabina

After her launch in Southampton, X6 will be at the next Dusseldorf Boat Show

 Technical Details

Overall length                   19.19 m

Length                           5.4 m

Draught                          2.6-3-3.4 m

Fuel Tank Capacity                       1200 l

Water Tank Capacity                                  1000 l


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