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Yacht Digest 15: online with a new French edition

Yacht Digest 15: with the French edition, the number of international publications from the group, the digital leader in the yachting industry, rises to 15.

The success of THE INTERNATIONAL YACHTING MEDIA is unstoppable, and the facts speak for themselves. Starting today, with the launch of Yacht Digest 15, a new edition will be added to the renowned multimedia quarterly: the French edition. The magazine thus expands its readership, drawing closer to the French (Europe’s largest boating market) and Canadian audiences.

Yacht-Digest-15-French-edition“An important commitment, which once again demonstrates the determination with which we approach our workLuca D’Ambrosio, founder of THE INTERNATIONAL YACHTING MEDIA, says – It is no coincidence that the famous Cannes Yachting Festival, as every year after all, asked us to become official media partner of the event, which we obviously accepted enthusiastically.”

Yacht Digest is a unique multimedia magazine, and this fifteenth issue provides readers with many new and interesting contents: from market news to lifestyle, from interviews to recommended itineraries. In the browseable magazine, passion for photography and technical know-how come together to give readers the possibility to fully immerse themselves in the content that journalists tell about.


The French edition of Yacht Digest 15 comes in addition to the two other big novelties of this explosive start of the year for the world’s most widely read yachting publishing group: two new editions of SUPERYACHTS, the magazine dedicated to large yachts, have also been added to the French edition and the Arabic edition.With a total of 7 editions, all independent of each other, the magazine that chronicles the exclusive and luxurious world of superyachts, scores another astounding result for THE INTERNATIONAL YACHTING MEDIA publishing group.


As many as issue 1518 new yachts converge in this Yacht Digest 15, recounted in 378 advertising-free pages: in the motor yachts category we find the new Ocean Alexander 32E, Pardo Endurance 72, Azimut S7, Jeanneau DB/37, C-Tender 53S and more; in the hybrids category there are Fabiani Wedgeline 77 and Greenline Oceanclass 68, and finally, in the rib and maxi rib category there are Ranieri Cayman 21.0 Sport and Pirelli 30.

Sailing also takes center stage in this issue with previews of Grand Soleil 65, Ice 70, Jeanneau Yacht 55, Kufner 54 Exclusive and much more!

But Yacht Digest 15 does not end there: in fact, in addition to the premieres, there will be interesting articles on the boating market, such as an interview with Giorgio Casareto, on lifestyle with Author’s Cocktails, the History of Pirelli, the Transatlantic of Salvation, or you can immerse yourself in the exciting itineraries between Formentera, the Tyrrhenian Sea, or overseas… in Miami.

The major strength of this magazine lies in the continuous innovation that the publishing group is pursuing, and step by step, it is gaining more and more readers worldwide. The absence of advertisements, the free nature of the magazine, and the interactive index for quick content redirection, make Yacht Digest a magazine truly loved by the public, encompassing articles, previews, sea trials, videos and itineraries.

“Innovating and growing with facts is for us the easiest way to prove our value – explains Luca D’Ambrosio a clear example of this is our BOATING NEWS APP , from which you can read all the group’s magazines for free, and YACHTING METAVERSE to date the only yachting editorial space in the metaverse.”

Passion, innovation and continuous research allow THE INTERNATIONAL YACHTING MEDIA to be a publishing group capable of achieving with its magazines more than one million page views per week, proving the high efficiency of the valuable work of news broadcasting.

Thanks to the presence at the most important boat shows in the world of its journalists, the group collects and develops information, transmitting content to the public in the purest and most truthful form possible, trying to give the reader a “real” experience with each article or boat test provided.

This system of online news fruition allows everyone to grasp the enormous potential of the web, without forgetting, however, the beauty of paper, which is even enhanced here, combining the best aspects of the two media, which, without admixture, here communicate harmoniously, creating a unique and unrepeatable magazine.



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