Yacht Digest 9
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Yacht Digest issue 9, the world’s most widely read all-digital free-press in the nautical sector, is now online. An innovative magazine, published in Italian and English, which has managed to overcome the space constraints imposed by the paper version while preserving its beauty, significance and usability, Yacht Digest boasts record-breaking figures with a flattering 500 thousand readers in the last two editions published. This 9th issue therefore sets sail with 328 multimedia, shareable and interactive pages on board, all to be leafed through and enjoyed with the astonishment that is only reserved for the well-told story of the best jewels of the nautical world.

Readers are spilt for choice when it comes to reading Yacht Digest on their favourite device. Desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone: Yacht Digest is the quarterly beacon of nautical information that showcases all the best of the news produced by The International Yachting Media over the last 90 days. Sea trials, in-depth reports, accessories subjected to maximum stress, national and international boat shows, sailing and skippers, design, and everything about yachts and superyachts: this is the information that our expert journalists always take care of. Free of charge and totally advertising-free, Yacht Digest offers the end user the rare opportunity to access the knowledge of the best that has been published by The International Yachting Media through its numerous multilingual editorial channels, which are entrusted with the complete coverage of the yachting industry and its allied sectors.

Yacht Digest is newsworthy

yacht digest 9 coverYes, because those who love the sea must be satisfied with their right to get to know it as well as possible by keeping themselves well informed. Among the news items in this issue, there is an opening on the latest acquisition by di The International Yachting Media, founded by Luca d’Ambrosio, which in a costly operation has added the American nautical information portal, YachtingNews.com, to its wide range of multilingual publishing products. YachtingNews.com is a “newsworthy domain” that emphasizes that the value of information comes first. Not surprisingly, Yacht Digest issue 9 reports on top-notch yachting and to do so it rolls up its sleeves on the sea and lakes, trying out everything that merits in-depth analysis on the subject of top-level boats on cruises and wherever there’s enough water. We start with exciting videos, filmed from all angles including that of the drones, real photographic albatrosses in our dowry. Then there is the video test of the Sessa C47, an aggressive and sporty coupé that stretches 14.30 metres with a 4.40-metre beam and takes on the floating appearance of a “seaside villa”. The waters are those of Peschiera sul Garda, the tester is Giorgio Bruno. Art then becomes yachting with a beautiful monochrome business video illustrating the world of Magazzù: a short cinema-style video that includes the history of the Sicilian boatyard, the Mediterranean flavour and nautical wisdom, the pride of the best in Made in Italy. And then there’s flying above water with the Absolute 60 Fly, original photos and the report of a sea trial that speaks of “innovation”, not without the astonishment that should be reserved for a truly surprising Absolute Yacht product. The Piacenza-based boatyard has, in fact, re-educated the on-board routine by modifying its classic parameters: in the aft terrace cockpit, the sofas are now inverted in position, and (finally) look out to sea without the need to turn the profile of the neck for those who want to enjoy the view.

yacht digest news

Elegance and marine spirit are back on board, and there is a genie of the lamp blowing in one of the most beautiful inflatables ever: the MAR-CO E-Motion 36, a high-end Maxi Rib fitted with three powerful Merucry outboards we had the opportunity to test in the picturesque Lake Como.

Scanner Envy 770, instead, is the latest novelty by Scanner Marine, whose style is once again emphasized in the large sundeck, and not only. Inflatables continue with the Pirelli 35 by Tecnorib, where elegance and performance really reach the top. As for the sailing sector is concerned, the GS 72 Performance is exhaustively told by Joni Scarpolini, who unveils a project “full of innovations in terms of design and performance” for this boat conceived in the Forlì-based shipyards under the banner of “made to measure”. 

Beautiful boats

And there is a great desire for Belle Époque when we move on to the Evo V8, Evo Yacht’s sophisticated new entry, delivered to the owner who will be enjoying this craft whose squared-off deckhouse makes her truly special. On the other hand, Davide Cipriani, designer of the Filippetti S 65 in a brand new version equipped with a flybridge, is talking about her all-encompassing liveliness and vivacity. There are more big names in Giorgio Mussini’s flagship, Paraggina 10, from the famous Portofino-based yard. Yacht Digest also features the Venice Boat Show as told through images of the ITA 14.99 catamaran by ITACATAMARANS. The new Scanner Envy, Scanner Marine’s “pure open dinghy“, also passed by in front of an oriental sunset in the lagoon. But that’s not all, there are also the nautical products that have been well reviewed and tested at sea, and we’re talking about the on-board instrumentation that is tested under stress in the now ritual “1,000 miles in the Tyrrhenian Sea“, a technical cruise by The International Yachting Media. But we can’t reveal everything, so the ninth edition of Yacht Digest issue 9 is waiting for you here.

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