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Zar Formenti: the power of images at the Nautic Boat Show

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As every year, Zar Formenti joins the Paris Boat Show with a large number of boats which don’t fail to draw the attention of the Zar enthusiasts coming from the transalpine region, where “Made in Italy” products acquire increasingly larger market shares.

The Motta Visconti-basedZar Formenti Nautic Paris Boat Show company has arranged a stylish exhibition area which occupies an important portion within pavilion 4 at the Paris boat show.

Highly attractive, the stand captures the attention of visitors with a wide choice of boats, including the traditional classic-styled models, the new ones of the exclusive SL (Sport Luxury) line and the new Zar luxury tenders, where style and elegance merge together within a hull length of just 3 meters in the ZF0 in her grey-and-champagne version.

The “queen” of the event is the new Zar 79 SL, the new entry of the top-of-the-range Sport Luxury family.

Presented at the last Genoa International Boat Show, the boat has her debut in France, enjoying tremendous public success. A Zar Formenti 79 SLdescendant of the historic Zar 75 Classic, from which she inherits the configuration of both the fore and aft section, the new Zar 79 SL absorbs the exquisite design of the Zar 85 SL of which she replicates the sleek, attractive lines.

Thanks to a highly performing hull, the boat represents a perfect marriage between high performance and comfort. The well-refined helm seat and the elegant pillows, along with a multitude of accessories, are the trademark of the Italian company.

Zar’s traditional values – safety, comfort and high performance – are not easy to communicate at an out-of-water boat show like thr Paris one. At Nautic, in fact, there’s no sea and the light falling on the boats and their bow is the pavilions’ artificial one. Engines roar silently and performances are just confined to technical files. However, Zar is surprisingly able to convey the emotion of sailing on board its boats to the public.

The Paris Boat Show marks the beginning of a new communication process for Zar Formenti and the 85 SL flagship is now flanked by a huge photograph showing her standing in a heavenly body of water, dancing with the warm light of the dusk.

Zar Formenti 85 SL

The potential owner can therefore perceive the high usability of the boat and imagine the perfect scenario where to place it. The shot, taken in the wonderful setting of Krk Island, shows the visionary, attractive design of the flagship of the Zar Formenti’s SL series in its white guise while a couple of lovers enjoying the sunset from the bow materializes the promise of quality that Zar makes to its customers.

Leafing through the catalogue, the Zar 85 SL Zar Formenti 75 SL even appears in a black guise with red pillows while she cuts through the waters of Lake Maggiore. Design is exquisite and living standards are unparalleled, resulting from the new configuration of the aft section which has transformed an area previously consisting of just a simple bench and few accessories into a larger “luxury” lounge.

The picture is the mirror of the unmistakable, glamorous style of the boat, which can also be used as a tender serving large yachts or as a chase boat.

In Paris, Zar has inaugurated a new, sophisticated way to communicate which relies on the quality of its portraits which not only reproduce a boat but create a self-contained world and a new lifestyle around it: the unique one of the Formenti Group.

Zar Formenti

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