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Immediately after the METS of Amsterdam, Zar Formenti is getting ready for the upcoming Salon Nautique de Paris, which will take place next December 3-11. Piero Formenti and his son Luca announce all the news of the yard.

Zar Formenti tender e gommoniMets, you know, is an event dedicated to marine accessories and materials, so Zar Formenti couldn’t exhibit its flagships but it showed its “small” Zar Tenders and Zar Mini within the pavilion dedicated to Made in Italy.
But Mets is also a great opportunity for professional operatorS to gather, meet and discover the main news of the field.

And we didn’t miss the opportunity to have a small chart with Piero Formenti.

Someone claim that the field of marine accessories is living a concrete growth and there are even those who imagine positive signs. Do you agree?

This is not our “boat show”. We brought with us only our tenders and mini boats considering the limited imposed by the event itself. But I confirm that signals are really encouraging.”

What about you “small” boats? What’ s the feedback on the market?

Both visitors and the market seem to appreciated them. Of course, they can be equated to those models produced only for the sake of price. Our models are more equipped, richer, more spacious and with a more elegant design. For us, competition plays on quality, and not only on prices.”

What’s in the air within your yard?
I can’t tell you in details. But I can say that we’ll present many news on both big and small boats, in addition to an interesting restyling work on some models”

What will, on the contrary, never change?
Our bottoms, of course. They’re unique. Someone has tried to copy our decks but, as regards waterlines, things are completely different, especially if combined with traditional tubulars. Our boats sail in a different way; first, they need to be understood but our customers rapidly notice they sail better in any sea condition.  

So, Zar Formenti is getting ready for the next Paris Boat Show with some interesting news. Among them, the new champagne and grey colours for Sport Luxury and Tender ranges. New ZAR 85 SL (launched during the last autumn boat shows) will be presented in a refined dark grey version with saffron-coloured interiors (in the picture above), while Zartender ZFO Bollicine will be available in a champagne-black version, which will take its place alongside the traditional white one.

Zartender, Zar Formenti tender e gommoniZAR Formenti will participate at next Paris Boat Show in stand n° 3 B11- pavilion 3, with ZAR 43 Classic Luxury, ZAR 53 Classic, ZAR 57 Classic Grey and ZAR 65 Suite Classic Grey, in addition to four models of Mini series:
ZARmini FUN 7, ZARmini AIR 8, ZARmini RIB 10 HDL and  ZARmini RIB 16 DL. The last two have an aluminium bottom.

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